What Now?

Face of a quokka

“So you’re home at last. About dang time.”

Gavin looked around for the source of the comment. He spotted a small, furry creature, about the size of a cat, sitting on the edge of a weathered pot holding a fake palm tree. His neighbor, Mrs. Colfax liked to fill the shared front walkway between their apartments with a variety of fake tropical plants. She claimed it made her feel like she was on vacation. As long as she kept bringing over cookies and cupcakes, Gavin wasn’t going to argue with her.

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White wolf lying behind a tree.

Willow stood at the edge of her garden, staring at the new arrival. Rocky stood behind her, clutching her leg. While he had promised that he and his clan would not allow any harm to come to Will while she lived in Hidden Shores, she really couldn’t blame him for hiding right now. Even with a clearly injured leg, the wolf standing where the back of the garden met the tree line was still very large and very scary.

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Ground Defense

thorn hedge

“Don’t forget to take notes of everything you do… what time you started, step one, step two… on down to what time you stopped. Or what time everything exploded. Whichever comes first.” Professor Jenkins leaned over Kyle’s shoulder as he made his way down the row of students hunched over lab tables. He paused and squinted at the test tube in Kyle’s hand. “Have you tried diluting it?”

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An Unexpected Fall

Looking up at a man falling into a circle of trees.

The precipice rose above him until it finally disappeared from view. He glanced around. Yep, still falling. Two minutes ago, he’d peered over the edge, trying to get a glimpse of the bottom of the canyon. The powerful shove between his shoulders caused him to stumble and sent him tumbling over the edge. But he would swear on a stack of whatever holy book anyone wanted to put in front of him, that there had been nobody around and he’d passed no-one on the trail.

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Ranch Life is Strange

landscape with a split-rail fence in the foreground and a ranch house behind it.

Davis sat on the back porch sipping the first cup of coffee for the day. A line of light grew along the horizon, signaling the imminent arrival of the sun. Watching the sunrise always made Davis feel like he was going to have a good day. Even if it turned out badly, or just annoying, at least he had a beautiful beginning. He sat and rocked quietly, sipping coffee and letting his mind wander.

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