I Refuse to Stand By While My Students Are Indoctrinated

Children are afraid to challenge the repressive ideology that rules our school. That’s why I am.

Source: I Refuse to Stand By While My Students Are Indoctrinated


This is the strongest argument yet for homeschooling your kids. And this connects with the post just below, “Content Of Our Character.”

I had students come to me with the same concerns…they were being graded on their political opinions, not the work they turned in, they were shut down in class discussions for disagreeing with the professor, or they were ridiculed by professors.

I left academia before my university came down to having faculty sign what would amount to loyalty oaths. No, as far as I know they haven’t started that. Yet. It’s likely just a matter of time.


Content Of Our Character

In his now famous “I Have A Dream” speech, Martin Luther King, Jr. declared “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” Content of their character, meaning be judged for who they are – on the basis of their own words and actions – and not what they are – black people – which would mean judged on the words and actions of others.

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Magic Abroad: A Snippet

For Week 14 at More Odds Than Ends, AC Young gave me the perfect prompt to work in a snippet from Magic Abroad, Book 3 of Academic Magic. The prompt is: A hero who doesn’t consider himself/herself a hero; who is brave and courageous, but doesn’t consider himself/herself to be brave and courageous. It’s perfect for Zoe since she is someone who is indeed brave and courageous but does not consider herself so.

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Release day!

Night Mage, Book 2 in the Academic Magic series is now live on Amazon! This one took longer than I expected. I realized a couple of weeks ago that I was procrastinating deliberately. When I finally sat down and forced myself to look at my reasons, I discovered they were a lot like the reasons Marty McFlys’ father gave for not sending his book to a publisher…what if nobody likes it? But, my beta readers liked it, and I trust them. And, I went back to my first book and realized that most people, including perfect strangers, liked it. So, people liked the first one, people I trust liked the second one…publish the damn thing!

I’m working on paperback versions of both books. I just have to get the manuscript formatted correctly and figure out the templates that Kindle publishing offers. Those templates for the covers and the manuscript are extremely helpful, btw.

I owe a huge debt of gratitude to Sarah A. Hoyt and Cedar Sanderson, along with everybody in More Odds Than Ends, and the patrons of the Diner for pushing me to finally finish.

Next up in my plans are a short story for an upcoming anthology along with the Cursebreaker novel. This writer thing is fun!

Gardens and Shells

This week is dedicated to organizing myself and making sure I don’t fall down on any commitments. I realized I have a lot of things coming up, and a lot of due dates. On top of that, I need to quit procrastinating and get Book 2 out! So on that note, the Monday blog post is going to be the weekly prompt from More Odds Than Ends. For Week 13, Fiona Grey and I traded prompts. Hers to me was “I have a lot of work travel coming up and wanted shells in place.”

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For some reason I haven’t been keeping up with things for the last week or so. Not overly busy, but just not feeling it for some reason. I did manage to send off a prompt last week even if I didn’t get around to creating a prompt response. It’s on the calendar to do for this week. I did, however, manage to get one done for this week. My prompt for Week 12 came from ‘nother Mike: She screamed, then smashed the bug in the shower stall in a tissue. Then she told her husband to unwrap it and find out what kind of bug it was. He unwrapped it, and found only a snarl of hair. Well crushed. My prompt went to AC Young.

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Our Manchurian President

In the original 1962 movie The Manchurian Candidate, a soldier returning from the Korean War is haunted by a nightmare that the sergeant he nominated for, and who received, the Congressional Medal of Honor, has actually killed two members of his own platoon. In fact, the sergeant has been brainwashed by the Communist Chinese (in Manchuria, hence Manchurian candidate) to be an assassin and kill on command. Turns out that the sergeant’s mother (played by Angela Lansbury) and stepfather may in fact be communist agents scheming to get the stepfather elected to the presidency so that the communists can have control of the U.S.

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Flying Rabbits

The weekly prompt challenge has had an unexpected and beneficial side-effect for me. In addition to getting me to write at least something, and to stretch my creative muscles, it has forced me to become somewhat organized. I try to answer the prompt challenge on Monday even though it’s not due until Tuesday. I spent twenty years of my life explaining to students why they shouldn’t start a project the day it’s due. The least I can do is follow my own damn advice! Now, I just have to make sure I can organize the rest of my week as effectively. But, I am pretty happy with getting Mondays organized!

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As of today (Saturday) about 15+ states have significantly lowered their Wuflu restrictions or eliminated them altogether. One CNBC story I found had as part of its headline “…despite warnings” and in the opening graf noted that the Biden administration had asked those states to slow down. I giggled at that. It’s not going to happen. We have reached the one-year anniversary of “two weeks to flatten the curve.” In my purely anecdotal scanning of Facebook, I noticed that the “wear your mask!” scolds had died out. BUT…as soon as the news started coming out that states were lifting mask mandates, the wailing and gnashing of teeth began anew.

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