From the River to the Sea?

“From the river to the sea…” is a phrase chanted and screamed by the anti-Israel, anti-Semitic fools running around college campuses and elsewhere protesting everything in the name of their “humanitarian” cause. In case you can’t tell, I think the people screaming this phrase are at best useful idiots and at worst truly evil Nazis. Let’s unpack this phrase and some of the history and current context behind it.

The eastern edge of Israel is the Jordan River and the western edge is the Mediterranean Sea. So, “from the river to the sea” eliminates Israel. Eliminates the state created at the end of WWII so that the Jewish people had a refuge from the unending persecutions in the world. Saying “from the river to the sea” means you support the elimination of the state of Israel. Yes, you do.

I am not going to go into details or depth regarding the history of Palestine, Israel, British Trans-Jordan or anything else. That is an important history, but in this rant, I want to point out a couple of glaring things that many of these college protestors seemed to be ignorant of (not surprising considering the state of teaching Middle East history these days).

If you are one of those who support this “free Palestine” cause because you believe that those living in Gaza and the West Bank are helpless innocents simply trying to survive in the middle of Israeli “apartheid,” I have some bad news for you.

Israel does not control or govern either Gaza or the West Bank. Let’s focus on Gaza for this piece since that’s where the October 7th attacks originated and where Hamas rules with an iron hand.

Yes, Hamas rules (and I mean that in the most absolute sense of the word) Gaza. They were elected in and have yet to give up power over the last twenty or more years. Every “governing” institution in Gaza is controlled by Hamas. And they make up facts and figures to suit the narrative they’re trying to sell.

First of all, THERE WAS A CEASE-FIRE IN EFFECT ON OCTOBER 6TH. Hamas broke that cease-fire with their attack on the music festival on October 7th. As an aside, I’m a big fan of music festivals and have been to several. Most of you have been to an outdoor concert of some sort. Now imagine that you’re enjoying that concert when men drop out of the sky and start shooting everybody. Then it gets worse.

If you support this current “Free Palestine” crap, you are supporting people who perpetrated and cheered the rape, torture, mutilation and killing of thousands of innocent men, women, and children. There is video of a Hamas fighter calling his mother to tell her how many Jews he’s killed. Toddlers were beheaded (no that’s not false information, go look it up) and one baby was stuck into an oven.  The horror that was October 7th should be burned in every brain.

But I’m afraid that the brains of these college students were burned out years ago. They’ve never been taught to think nor have they been taught history, and thus they are extremely vulnerable to any kind of propaganda that comes down the pike. And students are very susceptible to supporting those who can tell tales of victimhood. And because those teaching these students are repeating the false stories, the students become even more invested in the mendacity of the Palestinian fairy tale.

To be fair, when I watched some of the interviews with the students in the campus encampments, a few of them were shocked to find out what they were actually supporting.

Next question for those of you who are screaming at me through your computer screens right now about the poor people of Gaza who are being bombed and attacked by Israel. Remember, this is their government which they support.

Can you tell me which countries in the area surrounding Palestine allow Palestinians to become citizens? Circle all that apply:

  1. Syria
  2. Egypt
  3. Jordan
  4. Lebanon
  5. Israel

Did you get it? What did you pick?

Unless you picked E and only E, Israel, you are wrong, wrong, wrong. None, NONE of the Arab states in the region allow Palestinians to become citizens. Egypt and Jordan border the two areas, Gaza and West Bank, and they don’t even allow Palestinian refugees in this time around.

Why do you suppose that is? Oh, to add to your thoughts… ask yourself why the bigwigs of Hamas live in Qatar and not in Gaza.

I’ll wait while you think about it.

The other thing that I am simply gobsmacked by is the LGBTQ+ groups announcing their complete support for Palestine. “Queers for a free Palestine.” Really??

The Islamic “endowment” (as per the charter) of Palestine.

That’s like flies donating to the creation of a better, more effective flyswatter. Chickens supporting Kentucky Fried Chicken. Seriously. Do you know what places like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Gaza do to those they’ve deemed “sexual deviants” or have charged with the “crime” of homosexuality?

Stone them to death.

Push them off tall buildings.

Collapse stone walls on top of them.

Whip them, then kill them.

There is no “out and proud” in Gaza. None. It’s worth your life. Literally worth your life to be any variety of LGBTQ in Gaza.

Remember, this is the same society and culture that deems rape victims to be at fault and punishes those women with whippings or death for dishonoring their families. Rape. Victims. Are. Punished.

So, if you’re going to run around supporting a group that advocates, supports, and engages in the rape and killing of Jewish people, women, and LGBTQ people, then I strongly suggest you reevaluate your definition of “Nazi” and more closely examine the causes you support in your knee-jerk reactions.

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7 Replies to “From the River to the Sea?”

  1. Thank you. Unfortunately, the people that need to read this will never see it because they’re too obstinate in their ways.

    Many of the people that are protesting as well in this country are not native Americans and one wonders how they would respond if, just like they’re telling him to choose to leave Israel, they were told to leave the US and go back to their own country.

    The unfortunate reality is liberal ideology has become a “you’re free to think the way you want to think as long as you think the way I tell you to think“ .

    We continue to need people like you to speak out. Again, thank you.

  2. My shotgun is cleaned and oiled, and my shells are kept clean and dry and temperature controlled, because of these college student subhuman vermin.

  3. My view is largely that the savagery and barbarism that results from the academic theory that ‘savage’ and ‘barbarian’ are not real words with legitimate meanings and usage, may be an intentional result.

    I think anthropology and archeology have effectively baked race war nutjobbery into their conclusions, by making certain assumptions about time scales, and about degrees of alien. I think their theories of indigenous and of empire are a bit incorrect.

    I think that the students that the tertiary schools wind up with this stuff were already very badly handled by the primary and secondary schools.

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