An Unexpected Fall

Looking up at a man falling into a circle of trees.

The precipice rose above him until it finally disappeared from view. He glanced around. Yep, still falling. Two minutes ago, he’d peered over the edge, trying to get a glimpse of the bottom of the canyon. The powerful shove between his shoulders caused him to stumble and sent him tumbling over the edge. But he would swear on a stack of whatever holy book anyone wanted to put in front of him, that there had been nobody around and he’d passed no-one on the trail.

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Ranch Life is Strange

landscape with a split-rail fence in the foreground and a ranch house behind it.

Davis sat on the back porch sipping the first cup of coffee for the day. A line of light grew along the horizon, signaling the imminent arrival of the sun. Watching the sunrise always made Davis feel like he was going to have a good day. Even if it turned out badly, or just annoying, at least he had a beautiful beginning. He sat and rocked quietly, sipping coffee and letting his mind wander.

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Learning Curve

Mandelbrot fractals

Willow sat on the back porch gazing out at her as-yet-unfinished back yard, soaking in the soft spring air and early morning light. She sipped her coffee and imagined what the space would look like once she was able to carry out the vision she had in her head. A ripple of movement through the tall grass and weeds drew her attention. She sat up and put her over-large coffee mug on the table beside her, never taking her eyes off the line of movement. Enough weird things had happened in the last month since she’d moved in, she was wary of everything.

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Two raccoons sitting on a tree stump.

A scratching sound at the back door drew Willow’s attention away from the cookbook she was studying. She was trying to figure out what to make herself for dinner tonight and getting no inspiration. Grateful for the interruption, she jumped down from her seat at the breakfast bar and walked over to peer out the window.

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Studying Love

stars and nebula in space

Gil stared at the giant gas cloud undulating outside the viewing port. This was why he was here. These sentient gas clouds which stretched thousands of miles across space were a fascinating enigma to every other species that inhabited the galaxy. Humans were only the latest species to try to study the clouds and their love lives.

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