Friday Thoughts: A Right to Privacy?

Writing the post the other day got me thinking about the right to privacy. There is no explicitly stated right to privacy in the Constitution. What is in there are several amendments that have been used in landmark (and less than landmark) cases to define a right to privacy for U.S. citizens against government intrusion. And each of these amendments and cases are where we can find the Constitutional protections against mandatory vaccination and vaccine passports.

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Freedoms and Rights

Rights and freedoms might get hidden at times, but they’re always there. There is a lot of talk these days from government entities and media about “giving back” or “getting back” freedoms if the hoi polloi would just get vaccinated. The government in New South Wales (Australia) just announced that vaccinated people would “be given new freedoms” starting September 13. Be good little boys and girls, and we’ll let you go outside for an extra hour! Won’t that be fun! As I said elsewhere, Dear Aussies – Y’all need to take your country back.

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Summer wanes and autumn approaches. Not that you’d know it with the heat we’re having. But the days are getting shorter, even if it’s still a sauna out there. Henri the storm is moving through as well but hasn’t hit as hard here, fortunately. Today was the second year in a row that I haven’t been on campus for the start of the school year. A few years ago, I thought that I’d miss it a great deal. In reality, I don’t. I’ve made the right decision.

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Camera Oddities

Mid-August…where is the summer going? And here we are in Week 32 of More Odds Than Ends prompts. I’m still feeling like I’m in some sort of weird stasis, but I think I’ve finally broken out of my writing slump. Sitting here next to a cat who’s simultaneously purring and snoring (interesting combo), I came to the realization that while I enjoy this type of writing (creative) far more than I ever enjoyed writing any of my research, my writing process is pretty much the same.

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