Week 47 (rah!) Odd Prompt

Wow. Week 47.at More Odds Than Ends. An auspicious number for us Pomona types. 47 is our number. It carries a mysterious significance for us all. Hence the rah after the number (as in cheering for the number. Yeah, we’re weird. Deal.) So, anyway. I didn’t get a prompt sent in for this week so I stole one of the other prompts. I looked through the spare prompts but none of them really spoke to me. I ended up stealing ‘nother Mike’s prompt even though it was assigned to Leigh Kimmel. I’m pretty sure Leigh will go in an entirely different direction with it than I did. This is also another stand-alone prompt, not connected to any of my current works-in-progress. I did manage to send in a prompt for next week, so I’ve got that going for me this week. I’m surprised at how unproductive I’ve been this week. The only reason I can come up with right now is that the lack of a semester with all its rhythms is finally catching up with me. This is usually a slower week for me. The semester is winding down, by now, Tuesday evening, most students have left campus even though there are classes on Wednesday, and I’m in no mood to be hanging out on campus either.

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Week 46 of Odd Prompts

I have missed the last couple of weeks of Odd Prompts. Partly related to overall stress, partly to losing track of days. This response was due last week. I actually remembered to send in a prompt and received this one in turn from Fiona Grey: The cat and the tree were the best of friends, if an odd pair. And then, one day, the other lemon dropped. Once again, I couldn’t figure out a way to work it into Cursebreaker, so here it is in it’s solo career. On the topic of Cursebreaker, I will be working that into a full-length novel soon (as soon as I get book 2 out to beta readers…). For now though, enjoy the cat and its tree.

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Chaos, contradiction, and tigers

Several things have wandered through my field of vision this week and each one has simultaneously surprised me and confirmed my already high levels of cynicism. The first was a second lockdown and restrictions. In Philadelphia, our (incompetent) mayor has decided to do our (incompetent) governor one better and shut down all indoor dining and gyms and gatherings. Additionally saying we shouldn’t celebrate Thanksgiving. And to top it off, the PA secretary of health, Rachel Levine is saying that we all need to wear masks indoors. Yeah. Not happening. This is planned to last until January. Other governors are doing similar things…Newsom (or Noisesome) in California has instituted travel restrictions (immediately violated by him and several members of the state assembly and senate…they traveled to HI for a conference), and gathering restrictions (immediately violated by him as he traveled to Napa for a birthday dinner for a lobbyist at the French Laundry…inside). But he presumes to tell people not to celebrate Thanksgiving. As does Cuomo.

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Once more into the breach…

Okay. Obviously, I need to clarify some things for family and friends. Or at least those I have left. First of all, yes, I think there has been a great deal of vote fraud in this election. Second, no, I am not wearing a tinfoil hat. I will explain why I believe that fraud has occurred. Before I do that, I will also say that I read a great deal and a wide variety of sources. I read the NYT, WaPo, CNN, CNBC, National Review, Epoch Times, Daily Wire, NY Post, and Real Clear Politics, among a variety of blogs. So, I read across the political spectrum, which I know is not usual for many people; especially those who argue that CNN, NYT and WaPo are the only truly accurate sources. I know that some are going to claim that Epoch Times and Newsmax are “far right-wing”. Well, yeah, if by “far right wing” you mean news sources that disagree with CNN et al. The National Inquirer broke the story about John Edwards and they were correct.

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Frauding their way to victory…

Or so they think. 2:00 a.m. ballot drops, all of them for Biden (statistically impossible), allegations of backdating mail-in ballots, not allowing Republican count observers in the halls where the ballot counting is taking place, and lately my fave…ballots recorded as returned before they were even sent to the voter. That last one is in Pennsylvania, natch. Yet the major networks and newspapers refuse to even mention anything about fraud except to say that there is none and that any and all allegations of it are false.

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Gumming up the works

My Week 45 prompt over at More Odds Than Ends came from Leigh Kimmel. I couldn’t figure out a way to work it into Cursebreaker, so I came up with this. The prompt was: It was supposed to be a simple hard drive swap, in and out. When the tech opened the robot’s casing, what he saw inside made him yell for the big boss to come and take a look. And in our usual trade, my prompt went to Leigh.

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So, here we are in the aftermath of the 2020 presidential election. Yes, aftermath. Despite the mainstream media’s hiding it to the best of their ability, there was a great deal of fraud in this election. Ballots showing up in the middle of the night (e.g. 2: 00am) and every single one of them a Biden vote. That’s simply not statistically possible. People I know who only read/watch the mainstream sources are sincerely telling me there was absolutely no fraud. Funny, since they would be screaming their heads off if this were the other way around. Larry Correia has a great post unraveling the fraud (updated and expanded) Election 2020: The More Fuckery Update. I highly recommend you go read it.

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