Do I unfairly Paint the left with a broad brush?

This was posted to my comments by someone I honestly believe means well – This is a beautiful fisking of someone who *earned* that fisking. Thank you. That having been said–and I say this with all respect intended–I note that when it comes to conservatives, you have a tendency to (rightfully!) argue in favor of … Continue reading Do I unfairly Paint the left with a broad brush? →

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That Magic Combination

Packing and moving is, as everybody knows, stressful. I’ve been dealing with that rather than writing and it’s frustrating. I want to write, but then I feel guilty and stressed if I’m not packing. And when I’m packing I feel stressed that I’m not writing. It’s a lovely, vicious circle. The moving truck will be here the week after Thanksgiving. And while we are 95% complete with the packing, I’m still anxious and stressing.

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What does it mean to tolerate something? What do we mean when we say that tolerance is something to strive for? People are fond of saying that they have no tolerance for intolerance. But according to the definition of the word, they therefore are intolerant, regardless of the targeted nature of their intolerance.

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House Dragons

It’s been busy, busy around here. Packing up the house, trying to write and work in between; husband has strained his back and we both have colds. We’re quite a pair. Hectic and a bit stressful. I really wish I could be Samantha in Bewitched and just wiggle my nose and have everything take care of itself. I don’t put moving into the category of “do it yourself and get a sense of accomplishment.” No, I just have a sense of tiredness…

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One Among Millions

In honor of Veteran’s Day I am sharing my father’s essay, One Among Millions. He wrote this in 2011 at the request of a committee or group at the independent living community where he and my mom lived. My father was part of a long line of military veterans in his family, all of whom believed they owed their country their service. My father passed away in 2013 and I miss him terribly, but every time I read this I can hear his voice. I hope this essay resonates with you as it does with me. The photo above is dad in Saigon in 1966.

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Moving Forward

So…we are moving to Texas in a few weeks. We haven’t moved anywhere, not even within the Philadelphia environs, for almost twenty years. This is going to be quite the adventure. It’s been stressful too, and I haven’t been writing. I need to get back to the writing since that’s the only way I’ll manage to finish book #3. My plan is to alternate packing and writing for the next couple of weeks. If I can finish the first draft, I can then do editing which, for me, is a lot easier. Then, send it off to beta readers before the final push of packing and moving.

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Coming Soon!

Sanderley Studios are proud to present two upcoming publications. We’ve been hard at work on them, and it’s finally time to start showing off what’s been happening behind the scen…

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They Think You’re Stupid

Those who style themselves leaders of the left have demonstrated that they believe their opponents are incredibly stupid. Like really, really, knuckle-dragging, rage-driven Jethro Clampett levels of stupid. One of the recent stunts meant to enrage left-leaning voters and humiliate and vilify right-leaning voters was the creation of “white supremacists” declaring their support for Glenn Youngkin, winner of Virginia’s governor election this week. In case you missed it, he ran against Clinton sycophant Terry McAuliffe. And McAuliffe has not yet met a level so low he won’t go down to check it out.

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