Care and Feeding

Mo squirmed in the cramped lecture hall seat. Who would’ve thought that a subject as interesting and exciting as taking care of exotic familiars could be made soooo boring?! The field trips to the barn and the pastures where the gryphons and pegasi lived were fun. It was the endless lectures on the specific amount of each ingredient in the food that was becoming boring. She shook her head and forced herself to pay attention to the lecture.

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Back in the Game

I’ve been going through a few weeks of… not really malaise, but just a sort of checked out feeling. I haven’t been writing like I want to/need to/should be in order to keep to my self-imposed publishing schedule and while I have been following news and events, and have opinions on things, I haven’t mustered up the energy or whatever to write about them here either. But over the last couple of days, I’ve done some introspection and pulled apart some things and reminded myself that this sort of disconnect is not really productive nor is it conducive to keeping my creative side, which is still newly emerging, engaged and active.

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Toy Tester

Serena watched Melia toddle around the main room of the house. Well, living quarters… whatever. Serena didn’t think the cookie-cutter. attached nature of the housing unit really qualified as a “house.” The company had given all its archaeological contractors housing in the newer section of the city while they excavated the ruins that had been discovered about five kilometers north. Serena would have preferred to live in the old town section, where the native Talus architecture soared, swirled, dipped, and curved in almost impossible shapes giving the buildings a fairy-tale appearance. But free housing was free housing and at least they had enough down time so they could take Melia and explore the area.

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