They’re At It Again

Government and its media lackeys are once again trying to drum up fear by using the threat of an uncontrollable disease outbreak to initiate more and greater controls over citizens. This time it’s monkeypox. I saw an article this morning that screamed about the number of cases worldwide topping 10,000. Worldwide.

There are approximately 7 billion people in the world. If we’re generous and say 11,000 monkeypox infections worldwide, we’re looking at .00000157% of the population. In the U.S. the CDC says 1,100 infections. That’s out of 330 million people or .00000033% of the population. 1/1000000th of 1% (I think I got that right). At any rate, it’s a teeny-tiny, itsy-bitsy, miniscule, microscopic proportion of the population

Aren’t you frightened yet? No? YOU SHOULD BE! Wait, no, you shouldn’t. The numbers are microscopic and… wait for it… monkeypox is sexually transmitted. So, once again, the age-old advice of not engaging in risky and/or unprotected sex stands. Don’t be stupid when it comes to sex.

Don’t believe me that the government, bureaucracy, and their water-carrying side-kicks in the media aren’t trying to drum up fear again? Just do a casual search on monkeypox. There are tons of stories on how the U.S. is low on vaccines, how vaccine shortages are worrying doctors, how states are trying to get more vaccines, and then all those are topped off by stories of new cases “discovered” in various states and/or counties.

All of this is designed to get you to run screaming back into your previous state of house-arrest. This time they’re hoping for self-imposed house-arrest. Don’t give in. Also, given that monkeypox is a sexually transmitted disease, the usefulness of your trusty N95 or whatever mask is, like it’s always been, less than useful. Unless you’re trying to give yourself asthma, in which case the mask is useful.

In addition to attempting to reassert control over the social and economic life of this country, I am pretty well convinced that this current emphasis on monkey pox is designed to distract the American public from the rampaging inflation, shaky southern border condition, and elderly and mentally incompetent political elites, currently stalking us.

Fauci is attempting to resurrect his reputation (which really, he should have totally lost back during the AIDS epidemic) with dire pronouncements on monkeypox and the media is eating up those pronouncements for some reason.

So why are the media and powers-that-be trying to scare us with this whole monkeypox thing? What are they trying to do and/or hide this time around?

Well, I can think of a few things.

The administration of the Alzheimer’s President is trying to distract you from Biden’s increasing dementia and the fact that his staff, not him, is actually running this country. Oh, and distract you from the fact that DR. Jill stated that Hispanics are as unique as “their” breakfast tacos. Along with all the inflation and other failed policy issues and always rising gas prices.

Is it any wonder that the Democrats are losing black and Hispanic voters? Is it any wonder that internal Democrat operatives and self-appointed D spokespeople are starting to hint that Biden should not run for a second term?

Things are not going well. Don’t fool yourself that they are. Look around you. Open your eyes. Read news sources other than your usual go-tos. Monkeypox is not coming for you or your family.

Remember the old radio program by Paul Harvey, “The Rest of the Story”? Yeah, that. Go find the rest of the story. If you assume that CNN, MSNBC, The NY Times, Washington Post, any other of the usual news sources, are only giving one side of the story, you’ll be on the right track and then you can figure out what the rest of the story is.

Just find other sources. It’s not really that hard. And it’s not hard to read them either. It really won’t kill you to read something from a source you think is the opposite political view.

Realize that people who disagree with you are not doing it just to piss you off. Nor are they delusional. They may just have a different take on a story. What’s wrong with thinking about a story from a different point of view? What are you afraid of?

Broaden your horizons and for the love of God, don’t let the bureaucracy, media, and White House bludgeon you into fear and unquestioning obedience.

Utilize ALL sources of information available to you, even if you think that the source is “right-wing” (which is a term used by mainstream media to tag any source providing the rest of the story).

Monkeypox is not the killer the media and Biden administration wants you to believe.

Challenge your own assumptions.

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