Wishful Thinking and MASSIVE Projection

The Left has, once again, lost their ever-loving minds. Or rather, deliberately destroyed whatever is left of their minds. The levels of projection and wishful thinking are astonishing. And when I say wishful thinking… they are wishing for a dystopian future in which they, somehow and against all odds, become the radical, system-busting heroes. They all seem to imagine themselves as Katniss in Hunger Games or Tris in Divergent, or Offred in Handmaid’s Tale, or whatever other female heroine fighting the good fight against always-oppressive men and society. It’s so freaking stupid and self-centered. I invite them to go live in Saudi Arabia where women were not allowed to drive until very recently. There they can see for themselves what a society that truly represses women really looks like.

Here’s the meme that got me started on this rant:

The so-called feminists of the left really do want to find themselves in The Handmaid’s Tale. They wish for it, they long for it. That’s the only explanation I can come up with for why they keep creating scenarios and drawing them out where that happens. These women and the men who are their fellow-traveling useful idiots have absolutely no clue how good they have it here in the U.S. And no clue as to how this country (note I didn’t say government) functions.

Yes, we have a vegetable for president, but they “elected” him, or at least I’m sure they voted for him, so that should count as a point in favor of the U.S. as far as these blithering idiots are concerned. But they have it in their warped brains that somehow the “radical right”, or whoever, is in complete and total control of all politics and social actions. The reality is the left is holding most positions of power right now. Progressives ARE “the Man.”

Seriously. Do any of these people truly believe that women have somehow lost all rights with the Dobbs decision? Need I remind everybody that Dobbs DID NOT make abortion completely illegal in the U.S.? It simply put the decision regarding abortion policy back on the states where it was originally. Abortion is still very legal in almost all states. There are some, like Montana, where it is expected that the state will make abortion illegal (and where Gavin Newsom just vacationed… because he’s so worried about a woman’s right to an abortion that he would never give money to a state that makes abortion illegal, right? Right?) Here in Texas, the state has made abortion illegal after six weeks and has no exceptions for cases of rape or incest. I happen to disagree with that last one and I will be watching how the state addresses it.

However, the main point is that there was never a “right” to get an abortion. Roe simply said that states cannot curtail the ability to get an abortion in the first trimester of a pregnancy (12 weeks). After that states could regulate as they wished. In France, the cut-off is 14 weeks. No abortions allowed after that. At all. In Mississippi it’s 15 weeks. Huh. Those knuckle-dragging troglodytes in Mississippi are more advanced than those worldly French (takes a drag off of her Galois, adjusts her beret, and stares enigmatically at the Eiffel Tower). Whodathunkit?

Not only did Dobbs not actually do anything radical, it has no, none, zero bearing on rights held by citizens of the United States which includes all women. I challenge any of the screaming idiots to show me where that actually happened. No, don’t talk to me about what you “know” is next. Show me what exactly happened with Dobbs. But you can’t. So, you’re back to screaming obscenities because you have no actual arguments except the decision is not what you wanted. Suck it up, buttercup. That’s how the world works.

And guess what? In France (earlier cutoff than Mississippi remember), women are… wait for it… still allowed to drive!! How is that even possible?! They really are doing their best to live in some fetishized fan-fic dystopian world and I think it’s because, despite their protestations to the contrary, they really don’t like making decisions and being responsible for the outcome of those decisions.

The common thread in dystopian literature is that the government makes all the decisions for people in pursuit of a perfect, ordered, “peaceful” world. Of course, that “peace”, as we learn in the story, comes at a horrendous price like sending children to fight to the death in order to bring home some level of welfare benefits. But, hey. The world is ordered. And with order and top-down control everybody knows their place and nobody can get ahead and make anybody else look bad. See? Perfect. That’s what the left wants. That way nothing is ever their fault.

I have to admit, I am finding the screaming, hair-pulling, clothing-rending reactions highly amusing. I really need to stock up on popcorn if I’m going to keep watching this show. Unfortunately some people on the right are looking at the screaming harpies and believing the hype that this will give the Democrats all the impetus they need to overcome Biden’s vegetable performance. Believe me, it’s not going to help them and in fact, will likely hurt Dems.

C’mon people. Once again, it’s an extremely noisy minority wearing sackcloth and ashes about Dobbs. Stop listening to the screaming harpies marching around with green-painted boobs declaring themselves on a sex strike. They don’t speak for anybody except themselves. And don’t let them cow you. Somehow, if any of those green-boobed harpies have sexual partners, I don’t think they’re going celibate. Although I’m guessing that a lot of them are without a partner at the moment. Yes, I’m being catty and mean. But I’m pretty sure if you tried reasoning with any of these women they would simply scream insults and throw unintelligible word salads at you.

Just remember if you run into a green boobie… reasoning is not going to work. Facts are not necessary for their side of the argument. And they are not speaking for any majority, real or imagined. They will project their fantasies on to you as fact and then deride you and attempt to bully you for what are really their own wishful dreams.

They really, really, really want to be Offred.

And they’re extremely angry with you because you don’t want to be Offred and because you don’t think anybody should be Offred.

Remember Churchill’s words: “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

Stand up for something. Especially stand up for yourself and your values. And stay away from the green boobies.

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2 Replies to “Wishful Thinking and MASSIVE Projection”

  1. ROFL… green boobies… need to remember that. Enjoyed your rant. Agree completely, and my apologies, but I may have bought the last of the popcorn. I did used to live in Oregon so there was much popping of corn from 2016 on. Cheers!

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. Over the years, the libertarian side of me said it wasn’t my place to judge or decide for others, but the more conservative side of me always knew that abortion was evil. How this movement has really lost me is abortion on demand up to the point of birth… that is murder. There is no way to split hairs about that point. A 15 week cutoff line is more than fair, but I would like to see even less time than that. Bring on more morning after pills, because that prevents conception much like actual birth control does. Furthermore, these batshit crazy Hollywood types, who “shout their abortions” Make it worse. The Chelsea Handlers of the world who admit to multiple abortions (she’s had 3), are irresponsible pigs who should have been responsible about what they were doing all along.
    What I don’t understand are the younger women who refuse to understand wear the constitution and actual constitutional rights are…abortions are not “enshrined” anywhere. We need to revitalize proper civics education in schools.

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