A New Home for Christmas

Today is Christmas Eve and we’re in a new home for the first time in eighteen years. Not that we spent every Christmas there, not by a long shot. But this is the first time in eighteen years that our home base has changed. We got most of the boxes unpacked and as soon as things were looking settled, I pulled out the Christmas box and started in on the holiday decorating. And discovered I don’t have nearly enough stuff for this house!

Luckily for husband, I won’t be adding any extra decorations this year (the two wreaths for the lights on either side of the garage door, and the star for the front window don’t count). But for next year…I just may be doing some shopping at the after-Christmas sales. Possibly. Yes, I’m a closet Christmas elf.

The weather is also a new phenomenon. I’m used to warm weather Christmases having grown up with them, even if we did go skiing every year over the Christmas to New Year’s week, but it’s been just over twenty years since I’ve experienced warm weather in the winter months. Taking a walk without having your face fall off from the freezing wind is rather pleasant!

I look around the house and think that it looks like we live here, and it looks that way more every day. I’m getting more comfortable here every day, but it still is new. I can still spend a minute searching for a pan in the kitchen, or asking husband where we decided to store whatever.

We have exchanged waves with the neighbors across the street and pleasantries with a guy a couple doors down. We’ve met a very nice guy from California who lives a few streets over. Like us, he’s a refugee from bad politics and he loves it here. He’s one of only a few other people we’ve seen out taking walks. But then, we’re both working from home, so our timing for walks isn’t as restricted as some.

When we made the decision to move, I made a vow that we would not get caught up in the tasks and stresses of every day life and neglect to fully explore the area we live in. So far, we’ve managed that. We’ve been to the historic section of Frisco and visited the Frisco Historical Museum, and we’ve checked out the beach on the lake. Today, we’re going to explore another park near us with a walking trail.

Max (the cat) is settling in as well. We put the window seats up in one of the front windows and one of the back windows. He seems to love the back window, especially when it’s open. He spent several hours hanging out on the seat listening to the birds, sniffing the air, and napping. He’s been with us for two years now, and I think we’re finally starting to see his full personality come out.

It’s going to be a quiet Christmas with just the two of us (and Max), but it will, I think, cement our move here. This is our home now. One chore/job/task I plan on completing this weekend is to get my office area fully set up and comfortable for writing. I need to finish Book #3 and get moving on the next series. I also need to create a work schedule so that I’m more productive and less random in my work.

So a very Merry Christmas to everybody and may 2022 be filled with good things and not become 2020-too.

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