Moving Forward

So…we are moving to Texas in a few weeks. We haven’t moved anywhere, not even within the Philadelphia environs, for almost twenty years. This is going to be quite the adventure. It’s been stressful too, and I haven’t been writing. I need to get back to the writing since that’s the only way I’ll manage to finish book #3. My plan is to alternate packing and writing for the next couple of weeks. If I can finish the first draft, I can then do editing which, for me, is a lot easier. Then, send it off to beta readers before the final push of packing and moving.

“They” say that moving and changing jobs are the two most stressful things you can do in your life. When you do them simultaneously, it’s even more fun. Now, I’m not changing jobs, but husband is. And, his stress is my stress and vice versa. We’re both stressing.

We went down to Texas last week to go house hunting. Damn, that was a long couple of days. The process of applying for a place to live has become a lot more invasive and draining in twenty years. I fully expected the credit score, landlord references, etc. What I didn’t expect was the requirement for photographs of the cat, but also his vaccination records. Yes. The corporate overlords in the apartment complexes want to know the health status of your pets.

Now, I get it for dogs. They’re out and about, playing in the dog park, getting walked around the complex, all that. But an eleven-year old, indoor cat?? WTF? Seriously? “I’m sorry, ma’am, but we won’t be able to process your application without the vet records.” Two people with stellar credit ratings, income beyond the necessary level, and the cat’s shot record makes all the difference.

Fortunately, we got the house we wanted (and didn’t have to provide cat health records for), before we had to deal with the soulless and humorless apartment complex corporation. I think we dodged a bullet there.

Our new landlord seems like a nice person. Which means we’ve hit the jackpot again. Our current landlord is great, and I was nervous about who or what we might end up with this time around (see above remarks about soulless and humorless apartment complex corporation). But I think we’ve lucked out.

We also got lucky with a fan-freaking-tastic realtor. She’s the sister of a friend of ours and man did she deliver! Went waaaay above and beyond. She’s the reason we got as nice a place as we did.

I’m really looking forward to this move. There’s already a group of people down there who I know, at least online. I’ve met one in person. But we’re already getting welcoming comments, texts, and offers of help. It feels like we’re going home, even though we’ve never lived in Texas and have only visited once for a conference. It’s a great feeling.

The freedom from pandemic politics in Texas that is always derided by the left and the mainstream media, is another reason I’m really looking forward to moving there. It is palpable. We walked into restaurants and…get this…nobody was wearing a mask!! Nobody wore them in stores either! Marriott employees were wearing them…sort of. I put that down to corporate policy because it certainly was clear it wasn’t personal choice.

Life is normal in Texas. People are visibly happier, and there is less stress in the air. This is what I’m especially looking forward to. The freedom from stress which will hopefully free up my writing brain and allow it to function.

Because bear in mind, my writing brain is very, very young and still extremely susceptible to those feelings of inadequacy and self-sabotage. I’m nurturing it along (with a lot of help from editors who keep accepting my stories for their anthologies), but it’s still a tiny little thing that needs encouragement.

I think the relief of finding a place to live, getting the lease signed and deposits sent off so that we know we’re committed, arranging for movers, getting a date for the movers…all of that has relieved a great deal of stress for me.

My general announcement went up on FB yesterday and I’m getting a lot of support there which is nice. And that also makes it a lot more real.

Moving forward is a hella lot better than going backwards or stagnating.

This is going to be fun!

Oh, and I did take the cat to the vet yesterday too. He’s good.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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