Book Review: “Taking the Night” by J.F. Posthumus

Taking the Night mixes the mafia and magic and comes up with an adventure in the underworld, both criminal and magical. Selia Lascari is the daughter and employee of a well-heeled mafia boss. And she has a secret. But it’s not the kind of secret you might expect. Selia is highly trained in a number of ancient fighting techniques, and she controls magic. One evening on an errand, which she presumes is for her father and boss, she walks into a trap set by a rejected suitor. Between what she hopes is a subtle use of her magic, and New Campania’s mysterious vigilante crime stopper, the Sandman, Selia escapes the trap, but now faces a more deadly foe from her past as well as family members who will kill her for associating with the Sandman, their sworn enemy.

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Who’s Driving?

And August begins…as summer wanes. Even though this year has been more open and active than last year, I’m still not certain where it’s all gone. But the prompts go on and I am grateful for them as they keep me writing. I think I’ve figured out a writing schedule that I’ll keep to and that will keep me productive. If I’m going to do this writing and author thing for a living, productivity is crucial.

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My neighbor Bill passed away last week. I just found out yesterday when we ran into his son. Bill suffered a stroke a little over two years ago and his youngest son moved back home to help his mom take care of Bill. We first met Bill at a block party almost twenty years ago. We had just moved in and our landlord (and neighbor) lived, and still does, two doors down. He and his wife made sure to let us know about the block party. It was a great way to meet all the neighbors.

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Hidden Heritage

This week I managed to get this prompt in on time. Yay! Still fighting through a bit of either block, or frustration, or aimlessness, or something. But the prompts keep me going in a writing direction at least. So, this is Week 30 of MOTE and my prompt came from ‘nother Mike: No one understood how it got there, but the MRI showed that the pain in your back was really a ….

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Late prompt: Silver Feather

I’ve been distracted procrastinating, whatever, last week and this week. Not writing. I didn’t get last week’s prompt done on time so I’m doing both today. This is the prompt for Week 29 of the Odd Prompts. My prompt came from Leigh Kimmel who gave me: The mysterious stranger’s calling card is a single silver feather. I started on it last week, but never finished. It struck me that this prompt would make a good start for a second adventure for my cursebreaker Jack.

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