Bring Back the Fear!

“It’s the Delta variant! Run for your lives!” That seems to be the mantra of CNN et al, the WHO (in the pocket of the CCP), Fauci (also in the pocket of the CCP), and a number of other individuals and organizations. I am torn between exasperation – just shut UP already! – and hysterical laughter at the insanely rapid spinning that the bureaucrats, media, and politicians are going through right now. Unless you are deliberately deluding yourself, it should be clear as day by now that the entire response to WuFlu was and always will be about power – the power to control and mold society into something unrecognizable to average Americans.

Since last year’s whole mask up-or-die scare, combined with the if-you-don’t-wear-a-mask-you-obviously-hate-everybody-and-want-them-to-die-you-selfish-bastard attacks the entire media-bureaucracy-political industrial complex has been on the warpath against average people. It’s been said a million times before, but the same people who started the whole “question authority” trend decades ago, have spent the last fifteen or so months screaming “obey authority!” without seeing any irony in that. And they pulled their kids and grandkids into the abyss with them.

Be aware, if you try to point that out to them, those same people will scream at you that this is different because DISEASE! PUBLIC HEALTH! or some such. But, it’s not. If you consider yourself to be a thinking, reasoning human being, you have, or should have gone out there into the internet wilderness and hunted down actual data, like the numbers from the Diamond Princess. Remember that ship? They had an outbreak of WuFlu and were forced to wander the Pacific Ocean for a while until Japan finally relented and let the ship dock. But that forced wandering gave the world a perfect enclosed environment for gathering data on the transmissibility and fatality rates of WuFlu. So, consider yourself to be a rational being who “believes in science”? Go find that data, the numbers are out there. Run those numbers. Decide for yourself your odds of contracting WuFlu, the odds of getting seriously ill should you contract it, and the odds dying should you contract it. Go on. Find it. I challenge you. View the information without the lens of CNN or MSNBC, any other media source, or Fauci, or the CDC, or the WHO. Go on. Do it. I dare you. Don’t be afraid.

Prior to the timely arrival of the Delta variant, we were being told that now with WuFlu in the rearview mirror, climate change would kill us all in the next one, two, ten, twelve, twenty years. Just like we’ve been told every few years since Rachel Carson wrote Silent Spring in 1962. Then, we were supposed to stop having kids. Now, we’re supposed to stop having kids, switch everybody to electric cars, stop flying anywhere, and all live in dense urban areas. Of course, where did WuFlu spread the fastest? Dense urban areas… oopsie! And, of course, you are familiar with the fact that almost every celebrity and state representative at the climate conference in Davos, Switzerland arrives via private jet, right? Yeah, because they’re soooo worried about the climate. Don’t be afraid of the climate changing. Be afraid of the government’s “answer” to the climate changing.

Now we have the Delta variant of WuFlu. It’s pushing climate change out of the way again. Poor climate change. It only gets the spotlight when there’s nothing else going on. Of course, that hasn’t stopped some geniuses from blaming WuFlu on climate change, because why not? Bless their shrunken little brains.

So, are you still stressing? Freaking out? Thinking to hell with having kids because I don’t want them to face this messed up world? Well, then. Congratulations. You’ve been watching too much CNN and not thinking for yourself. And if that statement makes you angry and want to yell at me, good! Maybe now you’ll start putting the pieces together. All of this…reaction to WuFlu, the pivot to climate change, and now the pivot back to Delta variant is all designed to keep you in a state of fear. No, I am most emphatically NOT stating that WuFlu is fake. I’m saying the official reaction to it is designed to keep you in fear. Please note the difference.

So why are we being reinundated (totally a word) with fear-mongering? Why do the talking heads bring up climate just when we were apparently getting back to normal? For the same reasons as before. Frightened people are more easily controlled by people who pretend to protect them from whatever it is they fear. In order for our “elites” to run the world ordinary people must obey their “betters”. For that to happen in the U.S., ordinary people must be kept afraid and off-balance.

There is a segment of bureaucracy combined with the tech giants who are striving to remake society in the image they favor. That new image requires that they be in control of society. No, it’s not tin-foil hattery to say that. Just look at the actions and statements coming from Zuckerberg and Facebook, Dorsey and Twitter, Google, all of them. They are quietly gathering data on you. Facebook just rolled out an “are you afraid your friend is becoming an extremist?” flag. It’s total controlling bullshit. They want people to rat out their friends for views that have been determined to be “extremist” by Facebook. Ooookay. Totally objective. Most people cannot even define that word. Change up the individual in question (i.e. Christian vs. Muslim; white vs. black) and the definition changes. Or worse, they assume that everybody who disagrees with them politically is an extremist.

This new rollout by FB is being roundly mocked as it should. People are finally starting to fight back publicly. And that’s the key. Fighting in public so they can’t change the story. Fight in public so they cannot create new boogeymen around your actions. Oh, they’ll try. But keep fighting. Don’t give in to fear.

They are creating new fears and deliberately stoking them.

Don’t play along. Fight back and do it publicly. Don’t be afraid.

I keep going back to Kobayashi Maru. When the game is set by others, and they make it unwinnable, it’s up to you to change the program.

When playing by their rules means you can never win, play by your own rules.

F*ck ‘em if they can’t take a joke.

Do not be afraid just because some “expert” tells you to be afraid.

You are not alone. Stop the return of fear.

Image by Please Don’t sell My Artwork AS IS from Pixabay

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10 Replies to “Bring Back the Fear!”

  1. I think they’re slowly losing the middle of the road people. The hard leftists and totalitarians still believe the likes of the CDC/WHO, CNN, etc. even with all the demonstrably false statements they’ve put out. I find it hilarious that the court sided with MSNBC against the OAN defamation suit by stating that no one thinks Maddow is actually reporting the news. I still disagree with the judge, but that reasoning is just too funny.

  2. they assume that everybody who disagrees with them politically is an extremist
    They’ve made it look political, because that’s the realm in which they’ve done their work for the last several decades. Bit it’s really a religion. They want you to become a converted Progressive and to shun the unbelievers until they, too, come into the embrace of Gaia/State.

    1. Oh, totally. Politics (normally) just has disagreements. Religion has heretics and those are eeeeebillll and must be purged from the holy temples of the public square. If somebody is deemed a heretic you can safely dismiss them and any claims they may make as diabolically inspired.

    2. The word “Progressive” always reminds me of CANCER.
      “Progressives” are cancer cells.

  3. Great snarky post, love it! This dumb mechanical engineer knew the dataset of the Diamond Princess cruise ship told the story last spring and never adhered to any of the ‘precautions’. 3,700 people on board in a closed environment, 800 tested positive, and 15 died = 0.3% fatality rate. The same rate we saw all year with most due to co-morbidities. There is currently <40K that died of only WuFlu. It was a harsh flu for some, nothing more. Just like what almost killed our 22 yr old bodybuilder son in Jan 2018.

    Thanks for allowing comments.

  4. Very happy your son survived. Yep. The Diamond Princess rates of infection and death are right there with the wider population. Huh. Fancy that.

    And, I don’t think MEs are dumb…maybe prone to tunnel vision every now and then, but not dumb (worked with a lot at McDonnell Douglas way back when). 😀

  5. This stupid totalitarian mindset has caused much friction between me and my Sig Other. They’ve bought the bull, I have not, and its created an amazing amount of anger and fear – all because my opinion is different. And now I’M afraid to speak the truth, which I know plays right into their hands. Fear of retribution equals silence. The nightmare for me has not been WuFlu – its the realization that it’s near the end of the Constitutional Republic.

  6. Now the word is that if the “delta” variant doesn’t get, the “lambda” variant will!

    Oh noes!

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