Our Manchurian President

In the original 1962 movie The Manchurian Candidate, a soldier returning from the Korean War is haunted by a nightmare that the sergeant he nominated for, and who received, the Congressional Medal of Honor, has actually killed two members of his own platoon. In fact, the sergeant has been brainwashed by the Communist Chinese (in Manchuria, hence Manchurian candidate) to be an assassin and kill on command. Turns out that the sergeant’s mother (played by Angela Lansbury) and stepfather may in fact be communist agents scheming to get the stepfather elected to the presidency so that the communists can have control of the U.S.

The movie follows the general thought at the time that both the Soviet and Chinese communists were united in their hatred of the U.S. and desire to conquer America and would work together to achieve that goal. The movie makers were wrong (shock, I know), and in real-world history nationalism overcame ideology, however, and the Chinese and Soviets never united against the United States. But, in the movie, the goal of Angela Lansbury’s character is to use her son, the brainwashed assassin, to kill the genuine candidate for president and replace him with her husband (who is also controlled by her) thus giving communists control of the United States.

The plot for this movie has been cropping up in my mind of late. Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s surviving son, has been doing extremely questionable business deals with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) that have kept him in cash, blow, and hookers for at least a decade now. There is a great deal of strong and credible evidence that not only does Joe Biden know this, but he has also benefitted from those deals. One of Hunter’s former business associates, Tony Bobulinski verified that Joe Biden is indeed the “big guy” and getting a 10% cut. Bobulinski gave a long interview to Tucker Carlson back in late October. No other news source covered Carlson’s interview even though it blew out the ratings for the night it aired. Bobulinski had nothing to gain and everything to lose from giving the interview. And, in fact, he noted that the pressure on him had increased prior to giving the interview.

When you look at all of that together, the potential for some entity to blackmail the entire Biden family is high. Hell, given the family’s penchant for enjoying the spotlight, just dangling a lavish lifestyle in front of them is probably enough to get them to do as asked.

So, do we have a Manchurian president? Is Joe Biden under the control of the CCP while occupying the Oval Office? I’m not sure if the CCP is directly involved, but they sure as hell are benefitting from Biden occupying the White House. And many of Biden’s staff and family are benefitting as well. I’d argue that Jill “Call me Dr.” Biden is getting the most out of this charade. How are those around Biden managing all of this? I am convinced that Biden is in, at least, early stages of dementia or Alzhiemer’s disease.

No, I’m not a doctor. At least not that kind of doctor. I am, however, somebody who spent ten years watching my mother disintegrate under the onslaught of Alzheimer’s. In Biden’s mannerisms, speech gaffes (what am I doing here, I don’t know what I’m signing), and his walk I see all the same things I saw in my mother. All of this is capped off by his three falls up the stairs into Air Force One. The White House press office blamed those falls on the wind. Seriously? The wind was that strong? Did the plane take off in such heavy winds? Watch the video and watch the third fall. He doesn’t lift his foot high enough to get up the stairs.

When I watch those videos, I see the awkward walk of a person who’s brain no longer quite knows how to lift the feet up properly (even taking the supposed bum ankle into account). Tripping was one of the biggest hazards with my mother. I see the attempted verbal recovery that my mother did in the early days of her fight with Alzheimer’s. She often didn’t recognize me when I walked up to her. Once I identified myself, she would say something like, “Oh, the light was weird, I didn’t recognize you.” One evening, about a year or so after she’d been diagnosed (but my dad hadn’t said anything to my brother or me) she described to me in detail the day we spent skiing. Except, while skiing was something we did for a couple weeks every year as a family, we hadn’t gone skiing that day.

I watched my dad cover for my mom’s slips, take care of her, and try everything in his power to make her happy. The stress killed him, literally. He died of a heart attack. My dad’s actions tell me that Jill Biden does not really love her husband. If she did, she would have pulled him out of the presidential race in 2019. Better yet, she wouldn’t have let him run to begin with. Alternatively, if he was getting stubborn about it, they have enough money she could have created the theater for him. That would have made him happy.

My external observation tells me Dr. Jill loves the idea of her husband and she clearly loves being First Lady. The whole kerfuffle over the “Call me Dr. Biden” thing is extremely revealing. She wants to force people to take her seriously. A confident person doesn’t worry about that. And, I’m saying that as a woman with a PhD who faced a lot of discrimination in my field. The only people I’ve ever required call me Dr. were my students.

Who else benefits from having a manipulatable Joe Biden as (God help us) President of the United States? Well, the entire radical left-wing of the Democratic Party. All those executive orders (Biden issued 17 in two days() where Trump issued one and Obama issued two) bypass Congress and allow the White House to govern by fiat which is of course, completely contrary to how even a modest democratic system is supposed to function. But they can get a LOT of stuff out as law without Congress and that whole “representing the people” thing bothering them. Because after all, they know best what the people need and want, right?

We have a president who is not actually in control (and please, spare me the snark about previous presidents, you know it’s not the same thing). That should scare the hell out of everybody. Even Democrats. Because as a Democrat, can you tell me who you honestly think is in charge? Seriously. Do you really believe Biden knows what he’s doing? If you believe he is in full control of his faculties, then please tell me why Democrats in Congress acted to remove what has always been the presidents’ sole authority to use the nuclear codes? If they have the authority to do that, and they were soooo worried about Trump using the codes, why did they not act before? What do they know that they’re not telling us?

If you truly believe Biden is competent, ask yourself why he hasn’t held a press conference since he’s been inaugurated? Why does he get cut off when reporter’s ask him questions? Why do reporters get cut off by staff?

We have a Manchurian president, and he is controlled by those who only have their own interests at heart. They do not care about the nation. And you are fooling yourself if you think they do.

What can we do? Speak up. Argue. Protest. Vote in a less corrupt Congress. Protect yourself and your family to the best of your ability.

Watch and read a wide variety of news sources. By that I mean, all those that you have been told are “right wing” or “far right”. Read and watch for yourself. Trust your judgment. Believe your own lying eyes (they’re not lying) and don’t accept what you know are flimsy excuses (the wind knocked a man off of stairs). Pay attention to your own confirmation biases.

Remember the difference between a pack and a herd. Be a part of a pack, not a herd.

Think for yourself (really and truly for yourself, not what your friends, family, or other groups tell you are the correct thoughts) and get the hell out of the herd before it runs itself off the cliff.

UPDATE: Based on what I saw of yesterday’s (3/25/2021) press conference, I’m not only standing by my Alzheimer’s/dementia “diagnosis” but saying it with full confidence. That one bit where he lost his train of thought and ended with a hopeless “oh, never mind” was something I heard all the time from my mother. In fact, Biden’s tone when he said that made me tear up because it recalled my mother so completely. The only questions remaining are how long until it’s admitted publicly and is Harris really up for the job? I’d say, not long, and I have serious doubts.

Keep speaking up and pay attention.

Image by Sammy-Williams from Pixabay

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  1. “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” — Upton Sinclair.
    The salaries of many if not most people in our political class, including the media, depend upon their not understanding the observations you’ve set forth.

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