Demonization and Segregation

It’s a thing among hard-core political partisans to demonize and “other” (to use the language of the left… ostracize, unperson) their opponents and anyone who even hesitates to go along with their ideas. The left, with their capture of the major news outlets, is very good at demonizing, othering, ostracizing, unpersoning, and segregating all those with whom they disagree, dislike, and otherwise want/need to silence and do away with.

Blacks who dare to vote or show support for Republican ideas are quickly labeled Uncle Toms and become the target of racist slurs tossed around by white liberals who will simultaneously decry the use of those slurs if directed at someone on their side. Don’t believe me? Go look at what is being said about Herschel Walker and what’s being ignored about Raphael Warnock. Or what’s said about Candace Owens, or Clarence Thomas, or any other black conservative voice. News flash, lefties. An unpardonable slur is an unpardonable slur no matter who said it or who your target is.

Oh, and don’t forget… the Congressional Black Caucus is only open to black Democrats. Black Republicans need not apply. Same thing with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus. Both of these groups claim to include blacks and Hispanics in Congress with no reference to party. Reality is a lot uglier.

Women are treated in the same manner. There is a myriad of women’s groups to support women in all endeavors in life. Almost all of these groups are on the left to far left politically and will run out any woman who dares to state a dissenting opinion, or who does not sufficiently toe the line. Demonization and segregation are alive and well in women’s groups.

Segregation is the act of separating and controlling people by physical characteristics – race, sex, hair color, eye color, birth place, etc. In the US, the most common form of segregation is separation by race. We’re all familiar with the Jim Crow laws that were in place in some southern states in the first half of the twentieth century. Those laws were ruled unconstitutional and done away with. But white liberals are bringing them back in the form of separate graduations for black students at some colleges, separate events, separate dorms, separate dining halls… white liberal administrators, in the name of “unity” and “diversity” are segregating students at their universities. The political elites tried to dole out Covid vaccines on the basis of racial preferences and segregation, there are charter schools that are segregated on the basis of race… the list goes on and on. Segregation is alive and well in this country.

The major media outlets keep themselves busy by claiming that requiring an ID to vote is racist and segregationist. When you ask why, they claim that black people don’t have ID. Really? How does one function in the modern world without some form of government issued ID? If you believe that requiring ID to vote is racist because some citizens are so poor they can’t get an ID, please explain to me how they’re getting those welfare benefits you want to increase for them? Name one, just one, state or federal government welfare program in which one can participate without an ID?

Go on, look for it. I’ll wait.

The major news outlets are also quick to demonize anyone as an eeeebil election denier who dares to ask that not only elections, but vote counting be free, fair, and transparent. Ask for an audit of votes counted? Election denier! Ask that poll watchers be trained and vetted? Election denier! Ask that representatives from each party be allowed to view the counting of ballots and view the handling of damaged ballots? Election denier!

Kari Lake is running as the Republican candidate for governor in Arizona. The “believe all women” and “all women are super-smart” left crowd has gone after her with pitchforks and torches in conjunction with some of the most misogynistic rhetoric you’ll hear. Why doesn’t the left like women who are conservatives? Lake’s biggest sin? She’s suggested that open audits of vote counts happen for this election. Reeeeee! Election denier!!

With the midterm election on Tuesday, the term “election denier” is getting tossed around with increasing frequency and desperation. Kari Lake is an “election denier” because she’s called for free, fair, and open elections, along with transparent vote counting. Wanting a clean election is now apparently the exact same thing as denying the results of the election before it happens.

I was accused of using “the language of an election denier” a week or so ago because I posted an article stating that we needed open, transparent vote counting. When I asked for a specific definition of “election denier” none was forthcoming. When I asked why the news didn’t identify Hillary Clinton, Al Gore, Stacey Abrams, Nancy Pelosi, or any other prominent Democratic politician as an election denier, crickets… typical left response. Attack, but when the hypocrisy is pointed out, ignore the question asked and substitute your own.

If you are a Democratic voter you have to ask yourself why you are supporting segregation? Why do you refuse to listen to opposing arguments? Why do you still believe that the major news outlets are objective? Why do you think that Democratic politicians will change once you point out their errors? Why do you rise to the bait?

Why are you supporting segregationists? Because you support segregationists (you’re voting D), I guess I should assume you are one yourself? Or do you view segregation simply as a means to an end? If so, what end? How do you see legal segregation playing out?

The left has a pathological desire to make everyone believe exactly as they do. To some degree they’ve succeeded in this endeavor, but what they’re failing to realize is that individuals, especially in this country, are aware of when they’re being segregated and demonized. We understand the intent of the slurs and nasty rhetoric tossed our way. We also understand that we were mistaken to think that if we failed to respond they would get bored and go away. We now recognize that mistake and won’t be making it again. Ever.

For those of you supportive of the left… pay attention because in your political elite’s game of musical chairs, the music is about to stop and there are far fewer chairs for you than you might expect.

The left is not going away and will never leave us alone, so now it’s up to us, at the ballot box, to make sure they get smacked down hard enough that when they try their crap again, they’ll hear nothing but raucous laughter.

Yeah, they’re gonna try their fraud again, but it’s now become so obvious that even if they win an election with fraud, they’ll lose the bigger picture.

And they need to lose it to raucous laughter.

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3 Replies to “Demonization and Segregation”

  1. The one thing we can always depend upon ideologues for is hypocrisy. It doesn’t matter what sort of ideologues they are, but at any given moment in any given social construct, one variety of them is normally in the ascendant.

    For about half a century — just coincidentally from about the time I was ten years old — that ascendancy was pivoting steadily towards the left, and well it should have been. As someone who grew up in the South but who has relatives in the North, I am painfully aware that racism was not a purely Southern phenomenon, although that was the way it was packaged and presented by much of the Left at the time. Truth in advertising time, I should probably point out that I was raised pretty hard Left myself, at least by the standards of my youth, and I still hold the views that I held then as the White son of college-educated parents and someone who worked for Black congressional candidates in the late sixties in the South. I still believe in equality, in human decency, and in the removal of both the legal and societal barriers, and all of the other fundamental essentials of a free society capable of self-governance in a constitutional, representative democracy.

    Which, today, apparently puts me somewhat to the right of Attila the Hun.

    The level of vitriol and hysteria coming out of the Left and its surrogate/mouthpiece (otherwise known as the legacy media) is the result of the fact that the Left has recognized that it has lost/is in the process of losing its moral imprimatur. This is not something that it can admit, any more than the Chinese Communist Party can admit that it’s lost the Confucian mandate of heaven, but that doesn’t mean that an awareness of its probably mortal wounds hasn’t traveled from the brontosaurus’s tail to its teeny-tiny brain. Like lizard-kind, however, ideologies are tenacious and the more monolithic they are, the longer their death struggles can last.

    In this case, the realization of its rapidly decaying intellectual and moral stature has been aggravated by the extremism of the Progressive wing, and the Progressive wing has been able to entrench itself as thoroughly as it has because what happens to an ideological movement that begins to lose its broader appeal is that it becomes increasingly dependent upon the fervor of its base. And the fervor of the base, as the Left understands well, depends upon how thoroughly that base can be terrified by the “othering” of its opposition. Conservatives can’t simply hold a different political philosophy. They can’t even simply be wrong. They must become the death of democracy, because “democracy” is defined as “a system which supports and maintains our self-evidently correct ideology’s values.” It’s not anything new, given the Left’s unfailing propensity for labeling any issue a “crisis” — and more often than not an existential crisis — in order to legitimize sweeping change and usurpation of individual rights, liberties, and choices in the name of the Greater Good™.

    Because the Left has waged a scorched-earth ideological war from the beginning, with increasing virulence since the nineties, its leadership now fears, quite probably correctly, that they will receive precisely the same degree of mercy from their political opponents which they have extended over the years. Which is to say none. The hysteria over the Supreme Court is in no part due to the fact that the Left fully recognizes that it has used judicial activism to emplace a social/political agenda it could never have gotten enacted legislatively, and so it fears that a strict constructionist court which by definition will be “Conservative,” could be used to do precisely the same thing to them. In fact, they believe that counteroffensive is now fully underway and given the degree to which their judicial agenda was ideologically driven, they are unable to even conceptualize the possibility that the present Court won’t be equally ideologically driven.

    And because of this January 6 has to be an “insurrection,” while people invading the Capitol to derail Supreme Court nominations is not. It must serve as that terrifying rallying cry for their base and provide them with the pretext and the justification for the suppression and vilification of their political and ideological foes. As a historian, I can confidently say that while what happened on January 6 was certainly extra-legal, the only place it could conceivably be defined as an “insurrection” is in the fever dreams of hysterical Leftists. Although, of course, once it has been so defined and the word has been accepted and repeated over and over and over and over again by supposedly impartial journalists and political commentators, is it really any surprise many people who have no clue what the difference between “insurrection” and “protest” might really be (aside from something that exists primarily in the eye of the beholder) accept that that’s what it really was?

    “Populist” has always been a dirty word in the eyes of the intellectual elite. It implies a low-browed, uneducated, reactionary, racist political movement. And there have been populist movements which fit most if not all of those adjectives. But that is, I think, precisely what we’re seeing today, and the intellectual elite of the Left is horrified that all of those unwashed barbarians are no longer willing to sit down, shut up, and believe — and do — what they are told by their intellectual and moral betters. How dare they dispute with the Keepers of Truth™ and Guardians of All That Is Right and Good™? Who the hell do they think they are?!

    Speaking as a one time liberal who has never given up his liberal faith in humanity, I can tell the Left exactly who they think they are.

    They think they are American citizens. They think that even though many of them may not possess the intellectually checked-off credentials of their “betters,” they are quite capable of looking at the world around them and evaluating the direction in which it is headed. They believe in fairness, in the integrity of the process. They believe that while they live in a world which must be perpetually imperfect, it is also one which can be perpetually improved upon. They believe in the values the Left says it believes in, but they don’t believe in using victimology and the coercive power of the state to impose such a narrow versions of those values that they are effectively denied to those who do not belong to the privileged classes embraced by the Left.

    And because that’s who they are, this time around, the Left and its leadership are absolutely justified in the terror being peddled to its base. Not because the Apocalypse they are proclaiming is upon the nation, but because it is upon them. And, like countless oppressors before them, they have brought their thoroughly deserved fate upon themselves.

    1. I completely agree. I was raised in southern California in the 1970s, and lived in San Diego, Long Beach, and San Francisco. I totally absorbed all of the leftist rhetoric in high school, college, and beyond. The left started losing me with Gore and his hyperbole over the 2000 election. I really got pissed when Hillary Clinton, in her campaign for NY senate seat said that any woman who didn’t vote for her was stupid, oppressed, or both. I remember yelling at the TV “So, we’re not allowed to think for ourselves?!”

      I have faith in humanity, but not in elites. Spending most of my life in academia has taught me, in spades, that power corrupts and corrupts quickly and thoroughly.

      The screaming will really get loud on Wednesday.

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