I Am So Done

I am getting very tired of reading that the “pandemic” caused businesses to close or prices to rise or suicides to increase or cancer deaths to increase or whatever other problem social or medical is on the rise. The pandemic didn’t cause those things. The response to the Wuflu caused those things to occur.

The response to Wuflu was more political in nature than health-related almost from the very beginning. I’m still not sure why any half-way intelligent person in any state or federal government level would think that shutting the country down for two weeks was a good idea. And of course, two weeks has morphed into two years now. Seriously. Two. Freaking. Years. And, once again, cities are shutting down their New Year’s Eve celebrations because of “concerns over omicron.”

Rational epidemiologists have been screaming for the last two years that variations of a corona virus are always weaker than their predecessors. Always. So, we’re at the end of the damn alphabet now, and in a last gasp effort to maintain power and control the political and media establishments are attempting to freak us out about omicron.

I. Am. Done.

Honestly, I’ve been done for almost two years now.

The response to Wuflu has never really been about the health of American citizens. Maybe in the first day or so (and that’s being generous). But after that, it became about power. Gaining, wielding, and keeping power. It might not have looked that way at first but go back and examine the actions of governors across the country. You’ll see the actions designed to wield and keep power.

No, I’m not just now noticing this. I’m laying it out here for those who have been struggling to not notice it.

Just go dig up news stories on Cuomo, Whitmer, Wolf, and Newsome to start (you’ll probably have to use the archives, as the media is busy erasing stories that make them and their political cronies look bad). That’ll give you an idea of how this was never about health and always about power. Now New York, California, Pennsylvania, and to a lesser degree, Michigan are losing population as people flee to more reasonable states and these governors can’t seem to figure out why. I mean, imposing draconian and arbitrary rules designed to constrain individual choice and monitor your population for wrong-think can’t have anything to do with it…can it?

The pandemic did not cause any of these things. The response to the pandemic did. The pandemic does not have an intelligence, it did not decide that closing businesses and isolating people in their homes was a good thing. It also isn’t causing people to drop dead in the streets. That’s Cuomo and Wolf killing people in nursing homes.

The other thing the pandemic is not responsible for is mandating a vaccine. That’s a political response. Purely political and not at all health related.

Think about it. A supposedly deadly disease is rampaging across the country. Brave, fearless epidemiologists working day and night to develop a vaccine. Success! They did it! Great! Let’s start vaccinating people. Citizens line up and get the shot. Phew! I’m safe!

Oh, wait. Your neighbor didn’t get vaccinated. You’re not safe! It’s okay! We’ll force him to get vaccinated so you can be safe! Government to the rescue.

Wait. What? How does your neighbor’s vaccination status affect your health? Vaccines are designed to protect the recipient from getting the disease. They do nothing for other people. Why are we being forced to get vaccinated under pain of losing a job or home or benefits or whatever? The definition of vaccinated is “prevents recipient from getting the disease.” Getting the mumps/measles/Rubella vaccine means…you won’t get the mumps, measles, or Rubella!

We’re told that “breakthrough cases” are affecting the vaccinated that it’s the fault of the unvaccinated. Therefore the unvaccinated must be forced to be vaccinated. How is that even legal? How is that even moral? How does that even make sense? If you are vaccinated and can still get sick, then…um…well…the vaccine doesn’t work. It just doesn’t. And don’t tell me it doesn’t work because of the unvaxxed. If the vaccine doesn’t work unless 100% of people are vaccinated, then the vaccine doesn’t work.

The White House considered a federal mandate for vaccinations. This led to (shockingly) people quitting jobs rather than either get the vaccine OR turn over information on whether they had gotten the vaccine (yes, many people who did get vaccinated are infuriated with the idea that you must tell your employer private health information as a condition of employment). Again, this is just more evidence that the entire thing is about power and not health. And, if you need more evidence it’s purely political and not health related, the White House message just before Christmas was: for the unvaccinated you’re looking at a winter of severe illness and death for yourselves, your families, and the hospitals you may soon overwhelm. You filthy, scum-sucking anti-vaxxers you! Yep, your president is aaallll about your welfare. Yep, yep.

And finally, yesterday, the White House via its mouthpiece Joe Biden (you don’t really still believe he knows what he’s doing, do you?) announced that “stopping” Wuflu was no longer a federal issue. There’s nothing you can do. So, I guess we’re all now in for a “winter of severe illness and death”?

For those of you still in the “what the hell is wrong with these people??” phase…shift your perspective. This is about power. They think they hold power over you. They are looking to increase that power. It is up to you, yes, you, to stop them from achieving their goals.

And this is why I’m done. No, I didn’t just realize that this is all about power. I figured that one out a looonng time ago (professor of political science, remember?) I’m just done with the media and bureaucrats hiding behind word choices and I’m done watching people buy into that crap. I’m done with the media changing their stories every ten seconds and expecting that nobody will notice (and some of y’all are deliberately NOT noticing. Stop that right now! Pay attention!)

It’s time we took back the power we have ceded to our elected officials. It’s time to remind them who, exactly, holds power in this country.

Start paying attention. Start asking questions. If you get yelled at, know you’ve hit a sore spot and keep going. Ask questions of everybody.

Ask why. Why masks? Why mandates? Why lockdowns? Why cancellations? Why more of the same? Why rapid u-turns? Why?

Take back your own power.

Take it back NOW.

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4 Replies to “I Am So Done”

  1. When I was still job-hunting last summer, I kept my search to jobs that were 100% remote to avoid any more shenanigans. While filling out one of the applications, the questionnaire asked me if I’m vaccinated against the Coof. Let me repeat that this was 100% remote.

    In my selfishness, I didn’t realize that new research shows that new strains can permeate circuit boards and monitors. That’s why I’m triple-masked as I type this – I hope the rest of you are following the same protocol. We’re all in this together.

    1. Yeah, I’ve heard people say that they’ve been asked about vax status for 100% remote jobs. It’s ridiculous. And, I’m betting hiring managers are seriously wondering why they can’t get any good applicants…

      But we do appreciate your not contaminating our circuit boards waaaay over here…

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