Settling In

Our stuff is arriving on Tuesday! Yay! The driver called this afternoon to give me the update. “Sounds like you’re in an empty house.” “Yes, I am. How’d you guess?” (said with slightly sarcastic tone as I listen to the echo). “I can hear the echo. How’d you like me to fix that for you on Tuesday morning?” “I’d love it! When?” “Between eight and nine.” “Great!” (while silently thinking, okay, gotta get up early on Tuesday!)

I am most certainly not going to begrudge the early morning arrival. Get the unloading done fast, which means I can get to the unpacking and organizing. We’ve been figuring out where exactly we want to put things so the whole process will be as smooth as possible.

Our new landlord called this morning. We’ve definitely lucked out again in the landlord division. He wanted to make sure that everything was okay with the house and to let us know about some landscaping projects he’s having done. Also gave us the name of the company he uses for home repairs. If it’s a big issue and we can’t get a hold of him, we have permission to call them directly to get the problem fixed. Said he wants us to be comfortable and enjoy the house.

Our last landlord told us that he’d do whatever it took to get us to stay…must have worked because we were there for all 18 years. We’re not going to do that here, but it’s a really good feeling to know that your landlord is a good guy. We high-fived each other after that call.

We walked around the subdivision today to get a feel for the layout and to get some fresh air. It was mid-70s today and at the end of next week it will be 80! In between it will go down to a shivery 57 or so. Ermegerd! Cold! A bit random for the temps, but I am truly enjoying not having my face fall off from wind chill!

We plan to explore the parks and other areas around us and that’s something I’m really looking forward to. I’ve already found two promising looking golf courses as well, so that’s another major perk.

And because we have a house with a front yard, I of course, had to get more Christmas decorations. A full yard is much more fun to decorate than two window boxes. Husband has been very patient with me traipsing between stores to find good Christmas décor. Of course, my big red box of decorations is on the truck and will be here on Tuesday. So, in addition to getting everything organized, I will be putting up the tree and decorating the house as well. Whee!

Tonight, after dinner, husband looked around and said, “I wonder if the same sense of ‘wow, we really live here’ will hit again once the stuff arrives.” I think it will. Right now we are glamping (as a friend said) – eating off of TV tables while sitting in camp chairs and sleeping on an air mattress. My back hurts from the chairs, but the bed is surprisingly comfortable. Max (the cat) is settling in, although he’s still a bit jumpy. We brought his blanket with us and have turned that into a sort of bed for him so he can hang out with us when we’re sitting in the camp chairs (one of which is now my writing space). He seems to like that.

We bought husband a desk and a chair since we tossed his desk and both of our office chairs (they were falling apart and would not have made the move in one piece). So, he now actually has a somewhat functional office. The printer and his big monitors are on the truck, but his workspace is still more functional and comfortable than mine right now.

I’m finally getting back to writing. This is the second post I’ve written since we started the full-on moving trauma. I’m working on a prompt response for More Odds Than Ends and it feels really good to get back to story telling. Hopefully, once I get my desk and other things here, set up, and organized, I’ll be able to finish up Book #3 (it’s thatclose) and get that out to beta readers. Then, as I mentioned in the last post, my goal is to work my way towards 10k words a day. I think that’s doable if I just put my butt in the chair and write. I have a number of projects to work on and no excuses at all.

This is a good move for us. A big change and a big step in a different direction. But very good. Heck, even the cat seems to think it’s good. That’s a very good sign, right there.

So, big changes, more writing, new books out, new friends to add to the crowd, and lots and lots of new adventures.

And regular posting on this blog.

It’s gonna be great!

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