Stupidity or Evil?

I’m going with stupidly evil or evil stupidity. Or simply, yes. The Biden Administration is stupid AND evil. Joe Biden is suffering from dementia/Alzheimer’s; take your pick – he’s not in his right mind. And even when he was in his right mind he lied like a rug, enabled his son’s hookers and blow habit, took cuts from dubious, illegal deals created by that same son, and covered for him. Jill Biden (notice how she’s not been in public for a while) thinks that she’s queen of the U.S. She insists that people outside of academia and academic settings call her “doctor.” That’s laughable and only arrogant assholes insist on that one. These are the people you voted for if you voted for Biden.

In the most recent insult, we have an avowed communist, a woman trained at Moscow State University, nominated to be the new Comptroller of Currency. Y’all do realize that while the USSR taxed the hell out of its citizens, they didn’t know how much taxes they paid. There were no paystubs which detailed out the gross pay, taxes, and net pay. None, nada, zilch. Pay was rubles delivered in an envelope to workers. And it was a bit like getting monopoly money…a non-convertible currency that only worked inside the USSR. Of course, rubles are still a dicey currency today.

Russia today is a kleptocracy – a government run by thieves. In this case, it’s a government run by multiple criminal gangs all of which are controlled by Vladimir Putin. We are heading in that direction ourselves.

Oh, Professor Ornery, you’re falling into conspiracy theory territory, you’re thinking. No, no I’m not. Both economically and politically we are headed for complete disaster. Let’s look at a few things.

  • Vaccine mandates are driving record numbers of people to quit their jobs. Not get fired or laid off, QUIT. As just one example – the current governor of New York seems to believe that she can make up the health care worker short fall by activating the National Guard to take over those jobs. Great idea. Except…there are not that many medical personnel in the Guard, and those people have day jobs…as medical workers. What happens to their day jobs? Hmmm? Pure stupidity there. We already have supply chain problems and those will only be exacerbated when more people quit or are fired.
  • Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller is in jail for criticizing the administration’s handling of the withdrawal from Afghanistan. Jailed for criticizing. The military claims they gave him a gag order and he ignored it, thus the brig. However, no charges have been filed. Lt. Col. Scheller is a political prisoner as are those still in jail with no charges since January 6. Yes, kids, the United States government, administered by Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer, has jailed people for objecting to them and their policies. As Scheller’s father said, Lt. Col Scheller spoke truth to power (a favorite lefty slogan) but power couldn’t take it. Evil.
  • Back to the avowed communist – Biden has nominated Saule Omarova to be Comptroller of Currency. This woman is a law professor at Cornell – okay, not so bad at first look. BUT (and it’s a biiiiig but) she’s a 1989 graduate of Moscow State University and got there on a Lenin Personal Academic Scholarship. And she has a self-proclaimed aim of eliminating actual currency and going to all electronic. Evil and stupid. Can you say far more easily manipulated currency supply, kids? I knew you could! Yeah, if she gets the job, I highly recommend pulling all your money out of the bank and moving it to your mattress. Time to go full Irish banking here, kiddos.
  • Biden doesn’t follow his own mandates nor do his handlers do so. Congressional baseball game showed no-one wearing a mask. Biden especially didn’t wear a mask while taking selfies. There’s also photos of Biden and Boris Johnson sitting in chairs, six feet apart and wearing masks, and another photo of them standing shoulder to shoulder without masks. Um, yeah. Masks are totally necessary. Evil.
  • Hear about horrifyingly high numbers of WuFlu deaths in red states anymore? No? Wonder why not? Stupid.
  • This administration is going to fire Border Patrol who refuse to divulge their vaccine status or refuse to be vaccinated…while admitting thousands of unvaccinated illegal immigrants into the country. Wait. What?
  • Government shut down…after threatening that, again, the Democrats miraculously avoided it. Maybe because they finally realized that since they have both chambers in Congress and the White House that it would be their fault? Stupid.
  • There are anti-lockdown and anti-mandate protests going on in Germany, Ireland, France, the UK, Italy, Australia (they’ve gone full 1984, macing people in the streets for going to the store, in-fucking-sane.) and even protest in the U.S. that we never hear about…why? These are not ten people protesting in front of city hall in a town of less than 100k either. These are massive protests in capital cities. Why aren’t we hearing about them? Evil.

I could go on and on, but I think (I hope) you get the picture. Our institutions are lying to us and when caught are still assuming we’re stupid enough to trust them. If you still trust the government to do what’s best for you, you need to re-examine your ideas of what’s best for you and your family. Seriously. Why in hell would you assume that the government knows what’s best for you and your family? Why??


All of its actions are aimed at maintaining the “elite” positions of those individuals in government and the bureaucrats. They are there to fill their coffers, not look out for you. If they cared about you, your health, your life, you would not be seeing photos of Gavin Newsome at French Laundry, masked up staff with unmasked celebrities at the Met Gala, London Breed at a jazz club, Joe Biden at a baseball game, Anthony Fauci at a baseball game (last year even), Barack and Michelle Obama hosting a 400-guest birthday party…THINK ABOUT IT.

All these individuals are in positions of political power. They are telling you all kinds of precautions and actions that you MUST take. They are requiring you to divulge all kinds of personal information AND THEY ARE NOT DOING IT THEMSELVES.

Even the WHO has refused to divulge information on how many of its staff are vaccinated. Ask yourself why that is when you are required to show proof of vaccination to get into a fucking restaurant?

Evil, stupid, immoral, and stupidly evil (which is the worst).

Stop giving in to these people Just fucking stop. Stand up for yourself while you still can.

Evil people will never care about you except to determine how you can be used.

As the t-shirt says: Think. While it’s still legal.

Fight back. It’s worth your life and the lives of your children.

Image by RepentAndBelieveTheGospel from Pixabay

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  1. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has thought recently about burying money somewhere in the yard, or in the mattress.
    Just when I think we’ve stooped to new levels of insanity, the next thing, and then the next thing, wash, rinse, repeat, on the endless loop cycles, comes along faster and more furiously than I thought possible.

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