Choices or I Am Really Pissed

“It’s my choice!” is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot. The left likes to make the argument that all their laws, rules, policies, and mandates are about letting “the people” make their own choices. Except when those choices are not the same as the left wants you to make. When that happens, you’ve made the “wrong choice” and must be made to see the light. Because after all, you clearly have no understanding of what’s good for you. Of course, all of their choices are the absolute right ones. Even if they do backfire later.

It’s attitudes like that, paternalistic, condescending, arrogant, and downright totalitarian, that drive me crazy. I will devolve right into a screaming harpy and use “fuck” as a noun, verb, adjective, and adverb. Until and unless I have descended into a coma or, God forbid, the hell of dementia and have previously handed over my health care proxy to my husband, nobody, absolutely nobody, gets to make choices, especially healthcare choices, for me.

And that includes the President of the United States.

I get to decide my level of acceptable risk.

I get to decide which, if any, medications I will take for any sort of illness.

I get to decide if I want to drink, smoke, do hard drugs, ride a motorcycle without a helmet, roller skate without elbow pads…or any number of other activities. I get to decide.

And I get to decide whether or not I get the vaccine. Joe Biden has no authority, ethically, morally, or Constitutionally to freaking mandate that American citizens get a vaccine.

And, no. This is not about being a good, upstanding member of the community. This virus is already declining in lethality. It is Not. Going. Away. Mandating vaccinations will not make it go away. There’s a flu vaccine…has the flu disappeared yet? Are you evil if you don’t get a flu vaccine? Getting a vaccine is for your benefit, not anybody else.

Mandating that private companies force employees into vaccination is a farce. Employees will quit, or the company will fire one in order to get below the magic number. Once that happens, companies will be unable to grow. The economy will tank again. Furthermore, blaming the unvaccinated for the continued POLITICAL THEATER that is masking and social distancing and all that crap is farcical and profoundly divisive and ultimately destructive.

This is not about stopping a virus. It never has been. This is about consolidating as much power as possible into the hands of a select few so that they can run the country as they see fit and pull as much money and privilege out of it as they believe they possibly can. This is about supremely entitled political elites destroying our economy and our rule of law for their own benefit. This is about creating an authoritarian system.

The CDC even changed its definition of vaccine a couple of months ago. Does that tell you something? It should. The CDC, that organization that is supposed to be using science to actually deal with disease, is changing definitions in order to conform to a political desire.

That should scare the crap out of you. You can no longer trust the CDC to give you even mildly accurate information because its doing things that the politicians want it to do instead of actually doing what its supposed to do whether politicians like it or not.

The left loves choice when it comes to everybody choosing to do things their way. They truly hate choice when large numbers of people choose something different. They then run around screaming about how evil disagreement is. That given a choice, people always choose wrong!

I know this won’t come as a shock to thinking people, but that’s what toddlers do. Hell, you don’t even have to have raised kids to know that three-year olds, when thwarted start screaming like banshees.

This is the hill to take a stand on. Your rights are being trampled. Stand up for yourself. Stand up for your family. Stand up for a decent future for your kids.

Stand up for your right to make your choice. Remember, “My body, my choice!” Remind the leftists or go-along-get-along folks in your orbit of that. And, again. NO. This is NOT about being a good neighbor or killing your neighbors due to your refusal.

If the vaccine works, and you got it, in theory You. Are. Immune. Immune means can’t get sick. The whole asymptomatic people are spreading the virus has been shown to be completely false. If the vaccine doesn’t work…well, then, why is it being pushed?

If you are sick…stay the hell at home! Don’t “tough it out” and go into the office (I’ve been guilty of this). Don’t go to the grocery store, that’s what Instacart is for. Stay home until you’re better. That’s how we get this thing under control.

You have rights. One of those is privacy. The government does not have the authority to tell you what medications you should take. They do not. And, masks don’t work either. Go watch this video by Dr. Byrum Bridle, a viral immunologist and see for yourself.

Finally…quit fucking believing that authoritarians have your best interests at heart. THEY DON’T. They are removing your ability to choose so that they can have more power over you.

You have rights. You get to make choices for you. Nobody else gets to make those choices. For God’s sake, show some respect for yourself and your rights.

It’s YOUR choice.

Image by Ulrike Leone from Pixabay

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7 Replies to “Choices or I Am Really Pissed”

  1. *Standing ovation*

    “I get to decide if I want to drink, smoke, do hard drugs, ride a motorcycle without a helmet, roller skate without elbow pads…or any number of other activities. I get to decide.”

    A CITIZEN has the right to say this, a SUBJECT has no rights.

  2. This is tyranny and completely untenable as a country. There are those who have been jabbed who wholly oppose these means. They’re also creating real world difficulties for people, their jobs and very livelihoods. If you are, for instance, a pregnant woman who has already had this virus and are therefore reluctant to get that jab, you may have to go many months without income and possibly even health insurance at a time you need it most.
    These times make a normally sane, rule-following person, ready to take up the cause.

    1. The whole point is to create what are viewed as insurmountable difficulties if you keep on your stubborn no-vax path. It’s not that they haven’t thought this through, it’s that TPTB don’t care.

      And, what took you so long to start wanting to break rules? 😉 C’mon in! The water’s fine!

  3. Well said. I recently lost my job at Penn because of this nonsense. For a while I was thinking I just won’t get vaccinated and will be quiet about it. No one ever would have had to worry about me spreading what they call “misinformation”, because all I cared to do was live and let live. I wore a mask everyday at work and got spit tested once a week – never complained. I got along with my liberal colleagues and didn’t argue against their wishes to get vaccinated, or wear two masks outside, or attend Zoom birthday parties, or whatever else they wanted to do to feel safe.

    But with these mandates piling up, my unvaccinated status is becoming a louder part of my identity whether I like it or not. I find myself increasingly forced to talk, and argue, and sometimes be belligerent. Not saying that’s the right way to be, but I keep feeling like I’m being provoked.

    I try to look away from the madness and think about other things, as I’m usually not a fan of political or medical talk anyway, but this is being shoved in my face everywhere I go. And I feel like it’s turning me into the right wing prick that they don’t want me to be.

    I’m done looking away. I’d like to be a pacifist, but fighting is the only option left. This goes beyond individual freedoms – we have a collective duty to fight tyranny when we see it.

    1. I’m sorry you lost your job. Hopefully you can find another one or something similar (as long as you’re not faculty?) soon. I am a lot like you. I just wanted to be left alone, do my thing, and live my life. But, that was not to be. We live in interesting times. I am very grateful that I did not have to go back to campus this fall. I think I would have crashed and burned especially given that my now former campus has a vaccine mandate in place and boy are they proud of that.

      Yes, this is tyranny and we do have a duty to fight it when it appears.

      1. I wasn’t faculty. I never thought I would say it but I’m lucky I didn’t have that great of a job – it made it easier to say no. My life hasn’t been devastated by this yet, but a lot of other people are getting crushed. People with careers that they’ve worked hard for, all down the drain. And worse yet, because of a federal mandate that their employer might not have even agreed with. Interesting times indeed.

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