A Democratic Mafia Family Dynasty

This morning as my husband and I were having our coffee and talking about the news (yes, we’re nerdy that way), I commented that what we are looking at in the U.S. is an attempt at dynastic rule by the Democratic party. The current heads of the Democratic Party are attempting to set things up so that there will always and forever be a Democrat in power in the White House, and Democrat control of both chambers of Congress. When you remember that Democrats are convinced that they hold the moral high ground over Republicans, you can see why they think this is a necessary thing (even if the rest of us strongly disagree). The Democratic party is a cross between a classic monarchical dynasty and a mafia “family.”

A dynasty is simply a form of hereditary monarchy where power and position pass down through one family. European countries have histories of hereditary, or dynastic, monarchies, and just plain monarchies. All dynasties are monarchies, but not all monarchies are dynasties. China on the other hand, has a series of dynasties for governments for the last 4,000 years. There was a brief interregnum between 1912 and 1945 when the country became The Republic of China. But constant wars between wanna-be ruling factions, including the communists, attempts to restore both the Qing dynasty (the last official dynasty) and the Ming dynasty (which kind of overlapped with the Qing in a different part of China…still arguing), partial control by the Brits, and ending with invasion by Japan, all meant that stability was a pipe dream.

After the 1912-1945 dynastic pause, and the end of World War II, the main Chinese civil war between the republican forces led by Chiang Kai-shek and the communist forces led by Mao Zedong resumed and as we all (should) know, the communists won. And promptly created their own dynasty based on party loyalty rather than family ties (although most of their children marry other children of party members, so it’s still all in the family to a degree). The remaining government of the Republic of China fled to Taiwan and set up the current Republic of China. Interestingly, Taiwan is also where one of the last kingdoms loyal to the Ming dynasty held out for a while against the Qing dynasty.

Xi Jinping, the current president of the People’s Republic of China, is a leader in the classic Chinese emperor/dynastic leader mold. He holds absolute power over the party and the country. He is the son of a former party leader who was purged and rehabilitated. Xi is a dynastic leader in every sense of the word.

The Democratic party has viewed itself as a dynasty since FDR ran the show. “The party of Roosevelt and Kennedy” is a thing. Democrats held a majority in the House of Representatives from 1940 or so until 1994. Since then it’s gone back and forth a couple of times, as has the Senate, but the Democrats still feel the House is rightly theirs to control. And they’ve acted like a mafia family, taking out rivals both internal and external as needed in order to expand their control.

The Democrats tried to expand and continue their dynasty in 2016 with Hillary Clinton. Not only did her candidacy not go over well with voters, it didn’t go over well within the Democratic party. Remember Bernie Sanders? He was PISSED when the machine was rigged against him. He wasn’t the dynastic successor that others wanted. But like a good made man in the mob, Bernie returned to his place once he made his objections known. Obviously, Hillary didn’t win the election. But that didn’t stop the powers behind the dynasty from continuing their work. Bernie tried again, bless his heart, but they pulled him down again.

They dug Joe Biden back up and put him on the primary stage. If he was capable of being president, why didn’t he run in 2016? Why bow out only to return in 2020? It was Hillary’s turn in 2016. But in 2020, the family needed a familiar face and one that they knew voters were comfortable with (why anybody is comfortable with that gropey, hair-sniffing, arrogant do-nothing is beyond me), so Joe it was.

The Democratic leadership saw Biden as the Democratic party’s best hope for returning to their dynasty. They figured they could throw him out there as an Obama redux. A dynastic successor. Why him and why not bring Hillary back? She clearly wanted it. Well, fail against Trump, that bigoted, racist, rude, crude, socially unacceptable, mean-tweeting hack, and you’re toast. Hillary was toast. Also, having cognitive issues and a highly ambitious wife who only cares about the trappings of office and not the responsibilities, makes it easy to control the man holding the office. Hillary would not have been controllable.

Biden is clearly not fit for office. Press lids are called by about one p.m. every day. He’s sliding into dementia (trust me, I’ve seen Alzheimer’s up close and personal…he’s heading that way if not already there). But Biden does represent the Democratic dynasty. He’s a fitting figure head that they can prop up just like many emperors in China’s history.

As Americans, we are not used to looking at political dynasties. Oh, people use the word in reference to Bush 41 and 43, and to the Clintons. But those are not the dynasties. The true Democratic dynasty is via the party, just like the current CCP dynasty in China. The Republicans have a similar view, but the GOP party “leadership” has never had the guts to carry it out like the Democrats. Sure, they had the Murkowskis in Alaska, the Cheney’s in Wyoming, Mittens Romney and his father, and the Bushes, but they’ve not quite been able to reach the level of internal cohesion and control that the Democrats have. Although the Republicans managed to squash the Tea Party rebellion.

What this means is that we Americans are not really clear on what to look for when trying to identify a dynasty. We look for family names when we should be looking for family traits. Family traits like a mob family. The mafia runs like a dynasty up to and including shifts between the ruling family. We as citizens need to pay far more attention than we have been to who’s making decisions in our political institutions. How long have we been seeing some names in the press and on TV? That’s your clue as to who’s running the dynasty.

Between them, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, and Joe Biden have been in office for 103 years. One hundred. And three. Years. And assuming Joe finishes at least one term, that will become 107. How is that not a dynasty?

In contrast, if we take Mitch McConnell, Kevin McCarthy, and Donald Trump, we get a total of 54 years in office.

Let that sink in for a minute.

We are being governed by a dynastic mafia family. This will not end well at all.

Image by b0red from Pixabay

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9 Replies to “A Democratic Mafia Family Dynasty”

  1. The GOP never squashed the Tea Party, we became The Deplorables and put Trump, the Best President Ever, into office.
    God Bless Trump and God Bless the USA.

    F the GOP

  2. Who are the “they” who run the democrat mob? Axelrod? Emmanuel? Carville? Or deeper like Steyer, Bloomberg and Job’s widow?

  3. I have no faith in the GOP, but I despise, detest, and distrust the Democrat Party.

  4. Is the grand experiment of America at an end? I worry for my children and grandchildren… what’s to be done? I fear we are down the rabbit hole…

  5. You have to decapitate a “dynasty,” king of like decapitating a Hydra. .. multiple heads require multiple Guillotines

  6. While I lived in Vienam (2009-11), an “overseas Vietnamese” (returned refugee) opined to me that the country is ruled by two “gangs” (his word): the Communists and the Vietnamese Mafia — working together. Sound familiar?
    It was very “stable.” No one talks about politics. And as long as you don’t make trouble it is the most “free” country I have ever lived in. The rulers leave the common people alone. Government regulators are easily avoided by hiring “fixers” to take care of them for you.
    “Corruption” is not an appropriate designation here for, as my friend noted, this is the “standard;” everyone knows that!

  7. A more appropriate name for what the Democratic party is trying to set up is Marxist Tyranny. It will certainly be socialist and many in it are open about their Marxist beliefs. In the last century Marxists were the quickest to take up arms to kill their fellow socialists.
    The government the Democrats set up WILL be tyrannical. It also may well be a puppet government of the Chinese Communist party.

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