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  Anyone who has read my blog or who knows me, knows of my deep and abiding affection for Baen’s Bar, which led me to Baen Books. This week, a ham-handed and libelous attack was made on …

Source: Baen Books

Here’s another look at the attack on Baen Books. Cancel culture is indeed alive and well and it is a weapon of small-minded, petty, and vindictive little people who enjoy smashing everybody else. As mentioned elsewhere, cancel culture is emotional abuse.

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3 Replies to “Baen Books”

  1. I don’t foresee this working out well for #some@55holeauthor. Baen is one of the very publishers that has a fan club. Not just fans of the authors they publish, but the actual publishing company itself. And the fans are a very wide ranging and eclectic bunch. I suspect at least some of the fans will be taking things into their own hands to make life interesting for #some@55holeauthor.

    Weaponized Autism hunted down Shia NotBuff’s politicized statements, he tried hiding the locations of, within hours by using open sourced star charts and commercial plane schedules. This guy isn’t even hiding, he’s doing this to raise his own marketing footprint.

    1. Yeah, I have a little suspicion that this will be like kicking a steel plate, or whatever the correct form of the idiom is.

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