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Based on discussions elsewhere and the ongoing shift of education toward a complete leftist/Marxist world view, I have added a page to this blog for book recommendations (Book titles, linked in main menu). The idea is to compile a list that is, yes, conservative in nature, and gives an accurate as possible look at history and politics in the US and the world (so, no 1619 Project bullshit, please). I have put in a few books off the top of my head, but I encourage everybody to add their recommendations in the comments. Also, if you have any suggestions for children’s history books, that would be wonderful.

There has been a very disturbing trend over the last several decades to remove so-called “classics” in literature and history out of public schools and replace them with more politically correct versions, starting with Howard Zinn’s screed on American history and continuing into the NY TImes’ laughable 1619 Project. Laughable because it got so much wrong, and the Times and the author have already had to walk huge sections back. They’ve come under fire from numerous history professors, and yet they persist. Pretty pathetic.

At any rate, discussions have ensued in a number of places about finding books for children to counteract what they’re getting in school, or to use for homeschooling purposes. Anecdotally I’ve heard a lot of parents talk about pulling their kids out of public schools and beginning to homeschool. The combination of a realization that what’s taking place in schools is not education but indoctrination combined with the covidiocy of 2020 and the ongoing arguments about sending kids back to school has convinced many families that their kids will get a much better education at home. I think we’re going to see the pods that were formed by families and neighborhoods during the shutdown last spring and fall continue even after schools reopen.

Since politics and history is my bailiwick I decided that my contribution would be to create and maintain lists of books that could be used for these purposes. So I invite you all to include books you found interesting and useful in getting as accurate picture, warts and all, of our history and our Constitution.

Thanks and keep pushing forward!

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