Week 46 of Odd Prompts

I have missed the last couple of weeks of Odd Prompts. Partly related to overall stress, partly to losing track of days. This response was due last week. I actually remembered to send in a prompt and received this one in turn from Fiona Grey: The cat and the tree were the best of friends, if an odd pair. And then, one day, the other lemon dropped. Once again, I couldn’t figure out a way to work it into Cursebreaker, so here it is in it’s solo career. On the topic of Cursebreaker, I will be working that into a full-length novel soon (as soon as I get book 2 out to beta readers…). For now though, enjoy the cat and its tree.


Every day Mittens ventured out of the house and climbed into the tree. Every day the tree looked forward to the cat’s arrival, even if the cat’s claws did hurt a bit as he climbed into the branches of the tree.

Mittens climbed up and down the tree, sometimes napping on one of the larger branches, sometimes curled into the crook made by the roots at the base of the trunk. All day, every day. Fruit fell from the tree, but Mittens never did.

The humans in the house joked that the cat and the tree were the best of friends, if an odd pair.

And then, one day, the other lemon dropped.

Mittens caught the motion out of the corner of his eye. He leapt from the branch and onto the lawn. The lemon rolled down a slight incline in the yard and Mittens followed intently. Mittens stalked the lemon and batted it all around the yard. Hunting the lemon took the rest of the day.

The tree grew sad as it realized that Mittens was not returning to the branches. No more slight pricking from claws climbing up the trunk, no more warm fur lying along the big branch. The tree sighed in a rustle of leaves.

The next day the tree felt the sun on its leaves and was glad. Mittens might not be coming back, but the sun did every day.

The cat flap on the back door pushed open. Mittens eased out and crossed the yard to the tree. Sharp claws dug into the trunk and a warm furry body draped itself across the sunshine-filled big branch. The tree’s leaves rustled in happiness.

The cat and the tree were the best of friends.


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Image by sipa from Pixabay

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