Frozen Lightning

“Well, damn.”

“What is it?”

“Welp, you know it’s gotten really cold when the electricity freezes the wires!”

“What?!” Dina trotted over to where Jason crouched next to the electrical panel mounted on the wall of the garage.

“This is the problem with these old houses,” Jason said, sagely. “The wiring is just not up to snuff when it comes to subzero temperatures.”

Dina sniffed. “That explains the wiring, but it certainly doesn’t explain your comment about the electricity freezing the wires!”

“Oh. Right. Well, I was looking at that, when I mentioned it. Just got a bit twisted around,” Jason said. He pointed out the garage door at the tree that would, in summertime, shade the front, and south facing side, of the house. What looked like a small lightning bolt was stuck halfway through the big branch that stretched over the front porch.

“What the hell? Frozen lightning?” Dina stared up at the branch.

“That’s what I said. Looks like the electricity froze,” Jason noted drily.

“But… but… that doesn’t even make sense.” Dina continued to stare at the lightning bolt. Suddenly she straightened up and bolted out of the garage, crossed the street, and ran up the neighbor’s driveway. Jason scrambled after her.

“Zeus! Zeus! Get out here, old man!” She pounded on the front door.

“Dina, don’t! He’ll just get pissed and throw more lightning bolts!” Jason said urgently. “C’mon! We need to leave now!”

He froze as the door slowly opened. An old man with white hair and a full, if unkempt white beard, peered out at them.

“What in blazes do you want, woman?” He snarled at Dina, not even glancing at Jason.

Unfazed, Dina didn’t back down. “I’m really tired of you throwing your damn lightning bolts around the neighborhood, old man. That one could have taken out the branch and destroyed our porch and the front of our house!” She pointed back to the tree in question.

Jason held his breath. Zeus was usually a good neighbor, but he did have a bit of a reputation for having a foul temper when confronted, in addition to being handsy with the ladies. Jason knew that the latter issue had never come up with Dina. She’d always made it clear that, god or not, if Zeus ever got handsy with her she’d rip his arms off and feed them to him. Jason believed her and it appeared that Zeus did as well. He turned red and muttered something.

“What was that?” Dina stood with her fists on her hips glaring at the god.

“I said, sorry, I was just bored. It’s been cold and icy and raining for the last week. I had nothing to do,” Zeus muttered.

“Read a damn book, bake some cookies, or I don’t know… go back to Olympus where you can throw all the lightning bolts you want without any problems!” Dina snapped.

“Hera’s on Olympus. I don’t wanna go back there,” Zeus said, staring at his sandaled feet.

“Well figure it out because if I find another lightning bolt stuck in another tree, I’m coming for you.” The tone of her voice made clear that Dina was not making a mere threat, she was making a promise.

“Fine.” Zeus waved a hand and the lightning bolt in Jason and Dina’s tree disappeared. He stepped back into the house and slammed the door.

Jason exchanged a look with Dina. She jerked her head toward their house and marched back across the street.

Once back in their garage, Jason saw that the wires were no longer frozen. He heard the chest freezer humming and the garage light came back on. He smiled at Dina.

“I can’t believe I’m married to the woman who scares the bejeezus out of Zeus!”

Dina laughed. “Actually, he’s more scared of Hera and really doesn’t want to move back to Olympus. That totally works in our favor!”


This week at More Odds Than Ends, Leigh Kimmel and I traded challenges. She gave me: You know it’s gotten really cold when the electricity freezes in the wires. While I prompted her with The onshore breeze was strong and the waves were huge. It was going to be a glorious day for surfing! Head on over the MOTE for more challenge responses and check out last years offerings!

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