Progressives Announce: Men Are Better Than Women!

Reading an article in The College Fix describing how several universities are changing “women” to “womxn” (I don’t even know how you would pronounce that) in order to be “more inclusive” during Women’s History Month, is the latest salvo in what is clearly a war on women by progressives. Women’s History Month celebrates women in history. How can it become more inclusive? And what, exactly is a “womxn”?

The White House gave a “Women of Courage” award to a transwoman, Lia Thomas, a transwoman, won the NCAA women’s swimming championship, Rachel Levine became the first female four-star admiral, a court ruled that USA Powerlifting must allow transwomen to compete against biological women, high schools have decided that boys identifying as girls must be allowed to use girl’s locker rooms. In Loudoun county this resulted in girls being raped… and the high school doing nothing about it. In the criminal justice system, transwomen are being housed in all women prisons. Oftentimes these individuals have a record of sexual assault.

If one dares to suggest that a large percentage of transwomen are cynically exploiting a trend in order to get closer to potential victims, or win awards and accolades, or get a promotion, or simply get noticed, one is quickly and loudly declared to be transphobic.

See a pattern here? It’s become clear that our institutions support the idea that men are superior to women in every way. Men win women’s championships, become the first “women” to do anything, become leaders of women. Men do everything better.

Men are even capable of having babies now. They truly do do everything better than those of us who are mere biological females. On the flip side though… how many transmen do you hear about who are trying to break into men’s sports? I’m still waiting for a transman to challenge Usain Bolt to a race, or try out, as a man, for a position on a professional football team. There are women and girls who play on male football teams, but they play as women. And they’re all kickers, not offensive linemen. Given the way the NFL is going, I fully expect a transwoman to become the first female linebacker in the NFL. But maybe transmen cannot achieve the same levels of testosterone as biological males which would allow them to compete in men’s sports?

Several years ago, in an attempt to prove that women could compete directly against men, LPGA champion Michelle Wei did try to compete on the men’s PGA tour. As spectacular and amazing a golfer Michelle was and is, she could not compete against the men. She simply did not have the muscle mass to drive the ball as far down the fairway as most of the players. She acknowledged later that trying to play against the men, one-on-one (as opposed to mixed teams) was a mistake.

As a biological female who spent many years fighting against stereotypes of women, blonde women in particular, I call total bullshit on the political, social, and cultural loudmouths who feel entitled to destroy everything women have gained over the last one hundred plus years. Women have worked hard for the gains they’ve made and now progressives are gleefully throwing those gains away. In the case of people like Lia Thomas, those gains are being destroyed for very cynical reasons – Thomas was a mediocre male swimmer but won the NCAA championship as a woman… think about it. A transgender cyclist won the Women’s Cycling Championship. After not winning in the men’s races… another pattern emerges…

Lia Thomas and other trans athletes in college sports are busily erasing all the gains women have made over the decades to get their teams funded by universities and the NCAA (the origianal purpose of the famous Title IX). Several months ago I wrote a post about Thomas and NCAA swimming and noted that the testosterone levels deemed acceptable for transwomen in sports are between five and twenty times higher than any biological woman can produce. Testosterone helps the body build muscle and stamina. If testing revealed that a biological woman had that level of testosterone in her system, she would be immediately disqualified from all events and likely be barred from all future competitions. Swimmers, cyclists, weightlifters, basketball players… all now have transwomen competing against biological women. Surprising absolutely nobody, the transwomen are sweeping their respective sports.

For those of you cheering on the transwomen… do you consider that to be a level and fair playing field? If you answer yes, please fully explain your answer. Because I really don’t see how, with a basic definition of fair (equal chance of winning), men competing on women’s teams is anywhere near fair.

I’m old enough to remember when Billie Jean King accepted Bobby Riggs’ challenge to a tennis match so that she could prove that women could compete against men. King was twenty-nine years old, Riggs, a former (emphasis on former) professional player, was fifty-five. However, Riggs had already defeated Margaret Court, one of the top female players at the time, prior to getting King to take up his challenge. King won in three straight sets; she did not take this challenge lightly. She even stated that she thought it was important that she win for the self-esteem of women and the future of the women’s tennis tour. King went on to found or help found a number of organizations dedicated to supporting women in sports.

King accepted Riggs’ challenge in order to demonstrate that women’s sports were as important as men’s sports. She wanted to support women in sports. The hard work of King and many others is being tossed out in the name of progressivism.

If transwomen want to compete in sports, they can compete against other transwomen. Why do transwomen, all of whom have gone through puberty and thus are functional biological males, need to compete against women? Why do they want to? What do they think they’re accomplishing?

Transwomen athletes are destroying women’s sports. They’re announcing, through their actions, their whining, their complaints, their parades of victimhood, that they and their supporters think that men are better than women at everything. On the flip side, those transmen who announce that they are pregnant men, are destroying what makes women unique. Biological men cannot get pregnant (shouldn’t have to emphasize that, but it feels necessary now).

Transmen and transwomen are united in their efforts to show that biological women have nothing to offer.

Women have fought long and hard to be viewed as social, cultural, and political equals to men. The radical progressives are destroying all those gains. And those who sit idly by and look the other way are helping them destroy women. Those of you who are going to call me “transphobic,” go back and read, actually read (as in paying attention to) what I’ve written, and then address my arguments rather than spewing your socially and politically approved emotions all over the place. I have nothing against those individuals who, as adults, have made the decision to transition to the opposite gender. I do object to those individuals who, having transitioned, act as if they are better than biological women or men.

Hundred bucks says at some point in the next ten years, Lia Thomas announces she has made a bad decision and returns to being a male.

Progressives are creating a world that is easier for men and more difficult for women. I hope you’re proud of yourselves.

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9 Replies to “Progressives Announce: Men Are Better Than Women!”

  1. I presume the pronunciation is “wim-***STATIC-BLAST***n.”

    Or, “wimKXCXTXTCTXXXZTKn” with the ALLCAPS at maximaum possible annoying volume. Which, if, of course, most fitting for the originators of such utter bilge.

    1. I like those. I only came up with “wi-mix-en”. Totally ridiculous any way you try to say it. I’d like to challenge the administrators who started this to pronounce it.

  2. It might be argued that Flatland’s idea that women have one dimension less than men has reared its ugly head again.

    Are they not writing the term as “wom”-by-“n”, implicitly describing women as being merely two-dimensional beings, specifically a rectangle of length “wom” and width “n”, with no third dimension to speak of?

    1. Oh, that’s a good one! I didn’t think of it as “by”. Yet another strike against them… taking away our third dimension takes away our full humanity.

  3. Even before the whole trans-thing grew out of control, corporate and liberal America were already destroying “women” by trying to turn them into men.

    I can recall countless commercials for sports drinks and shoes and such, all celebrating “women” as being athletically equal to men.

    It’s quite stupid, really. Remember the whole “Like a girl” campaign? I believe it was Proctor and Gamble or some such company that basically tried to showcase women who could perform athletically “like a man.” And I wonder just why that’s so important. OBVIOUSLY women cannot compete with men from a physical perspective, so why are people so hell-bent on pretending they can? It’s just so stupid.

    It’s OK to be a woman. It’s OK to be feminine. But we’ve seemingly forgotten what that even means.

  4. There have always been rumors (never substantiated so far as I know) that Riggs deliberately lost to King and had money on the match (through a cutout) betting on her.
    Given what a conman he was, I wouldn’t doubt it.

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