Door to Door Invaders

The other day, Jen Psaki, Biden’s press secretary, said that in order to bring up the vaccination rate the government would be initiating a door-to-door campaign to try to get more people to accept the jab. This prompted a TON of blowback and rightly so. The government does not get to decide how citizens handle personal health issues. And stop with the “it’s a pandemic! Don’t you care about others? You’re going to kill us all!” This thing is a bad flu.

I’m cynical enough to speculate that the Biden administration is not actually going to send federal employees door to door and ask about your vaccine status. I think they’re going to foist this off on some insanely naïve and idealistic community group or social justice group in all the towns and cities they target. That way, they can distance themselves from the actual questioning when the blowback becomes too hot to handle. And when the blowback hits, the community group in question will be thrown to the wolves with the Biden administration practicing plausible deniability. You watch.

Of course I will not be answering any health-related questions that some perky recent college grad thinks are perfectly fine. That poor child will wind up on the receiving end of my best college professor lecture regarding the legalities and constitutionality of their actions. I earned the Professor Ornery moniker just in case you were wondering.

On the other hand, when they do send out their perky little intruders (assuming they don’t quietly kill this idea before putting it into action), I think it will fail to raise the vaccination rate significantly and cause a major backlash for any politician supporting it, most especially any Biden ally. Let me explain.

First of all, those who would be inclined to actually answer such invasive questions, have likely already been vaccinated. Most of them have already posted about it on social media. Those who didn’t post it, have no problem telling anybody who asks. Those responses are not going increase the percentages.

Second, all the research so far suggests that if one has had the WuFlu, one should not get the vaccine. In fact, there’s evidence that shows the immunity created by actually having the WuFlu is stronger than any immunity created by a vaccine. Those people do not need to be vaccinated, and likely have not been. They are not going to move the percentage needle.

Third, I’m almost positive that somebody will sue. And they will sue not only whatever organization is behind the invasion campaign in their area, but they will likely sue the perky invader as well. That will drastically slash the number of volunteers.

Finally, I think we’re looking at a potential reaction that would be similar to what happened when Prohibition passed. History tells us that many, many people started making bathtub gin. People who never drank. Why would somebody who never drank start making bathtub gin? Wouldn’t they be indifferent to Prohibition? They may have been indifferent to the idea of drinking, but they were not indifferent to the idea of government interference in what is a personal decision. Those teetotalers who made gin did it because they objected to the government interfering in personal decisions and lives.

The government is interfering with a personal decision regarding the vaccination for WuFlu. No, this is not the Black Plague. It isn’t even a grey plague. It’s a different version of the flu. Which kills in the tens of thousands every year. So, no. Getting the vaccine is most emphatically NOT a matter of protecting your neighbors, you selfish bastard, you. It’s a matter of personal choice about your health.

I read a comment the other day that last century’s corona virus is likely today’s bad cold. Think about that. Media hype about infection rates to the contrary (infection rate is not the same thing as strength of the virus…pay attention to the words used in “news” stories), variants of things like corona viruses get milder. The germs don’t survive long if they kill off all their hosts. So while it does indeed mutate, it gets less severe, not more so.

So when the perky invaders show up on my doorstep, hopefully I won’t be home. Failing that, I will tell them that I’m good and they can go away now. If they persist, I will likely start asking about their history of sexually transmitted diseases. Think they’ll give me that info? I mean, if we’re going to invade privacy, let’s make it reciprocal and get some fun stories out of it. Plus, I’m ornery.

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7 Replies to “Door to Door Invaders”

  1. “In fact, there’s evidence that shows the immunity created by actually having the WuFlu is stronger than any immunity created by a vaccine. ”

    I know three people who supposedly had SARSCoV2 and developed COVID19, who got the Pfizer vaccine and all three had “flu like symptoms” after the 2nd shot.

    “No, this is not the Black Plague.”

    I said this to some genius on-line and her response to tell me that hygiene and sanitation practices made the plague so dangerous. She totally missed to comparison. smh

    “It’s a matter of personal choice about your health.”

    I agree 200%. What’s that line? My body, my choice.

    Maybe I am waiting for a “traditional” vaccine. Maybe I just think it is noydb if I stood in a cattle line or not.

    I fail to see the point of asking, let alone going door-to-door: we’re told that vaccinated people don’t need to wear a mask to protect others from Schrödinger’s Virus – only unvaccinated people. So, if you do not have a mask on you are vaccinated. Right?

  2. I’ve been training for this for years, ever since I had the gall to be pregnant with #2 before #1 was in kindergarten– and worse, didn’t put #1 in daycare, because I was managing the household and thus didn’t need the help!

    I have the “by what blessed/bloody (depending on audience) authority do you dare to ask such a question?” thing down pat.

    And worse, I know the supports for all the supportable responses. I *have* fired doctors for failing in their responses, some door to door third-tier employee of myself (that is what gov’t volunteers are*) does not have standing.

    * First grade employee: I specifically hired you. Second grade: Guys I hired, or who I gave input to hire, hired you. Third grade: Guys I hired, or gave input to hire, hired you.

  3. My belief is that the door-to-door program is simply going to be subterfuge for shoveling money to favored progressive orgs like ACORN or whatever they have turned into. Anytime the government comes up with something (like GOTV) that has to be outsourced, all they really are doing is laundering taxpayer money to lefty orgs

    1. I agree. And like I said, using groups like that gives the administration plausible deniability…”Oh, that’s not what we asked them to do…that’s their fault.

  4. I have my Covid shot record in my shirt pocket, so that I can put it in my left hand and hold it out, and raise my right arm up at 45 degrees, und zay “Hier ist mein papier, Herr/Frau OBERST!!”

  5. How big a syringe will I need to be Utterly Freaking Terrifying when I simply say, “Alright, but you take my vaccine first.” ?

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