It’s Alive!

My first ever fiction book, Academic Magic, is live on Amazon! Available via Kindle Unlimited, so it’s free! I’m so excited, I’m jittery…or that could be too much caffeine and no food…I’ll go with excitement. I am extremely grateful to Sarah A. Hoyt, Cedar Sanderson and all of the members of Sarah’s Diner for their very useful advice, information, and support. And, of course, my husband is irreplaceable in his support and encouragement of what many people would consider an absolutely lunatic move from tenured professor to full-time fiction writer. If he thinks I’m insane, he at least isn’t saying so out loud.

Academic Magic is Book 1 in the series, also titled Academic Magic. To be followed by Book 2: Night Mage, and Book 3: Magic Abroad.

I’m off to continue writing and plotting the next two books! It’s almost the weekend (Friday Eve!) so go enjoy yourselves.

Cover picture by Becky R. Jones

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