The first of two volumes of an anthology titled Fantastic Schools will be coming out this spring. The second volume will follow not long after. The announcement is…I have a story in one of these volumes! Not sure which one yet, because the editors (L. Jagi Lamplighter and Christopher G. Nuttall) got so many amazing stories they decided to publish two volumes. I am beyond grateful that they accepted my story “Going Home.”

Here’s the preliminary blurb:

Longing for more stories of life at magic school? Look no further! Here you will find stories of magic boarding school, but also stories of magic military school, stories of magical outcasts, of magical secondary schools, of magical preschools, etc.

Some stories take place at pre-existing schools of magic, such as Whitehall, Roanoke Academy, Black Magic Academy, Hundred Halls, and more. Others take place at new exciting locations that may just become your favorite magical school.

Join us for tales of enchantment and wonder!

Here’s a bit from my story just to peak your interest:


“Mo! Mo!” Sara was running across the playground toward me.

“What?” I quit trying to see if I could spot anything on the shore.

“Where are we? Did you do this?” she asked when she stopped next to me.

“Me? Why do you think I did this? I don’t run around moving whole buildings!”

“Yeah, you do. Remember that time last summer when you moved your dad’s garden shed across your back yard? He was soooo mad!” Sara laughed.

“Okay, yeah. But I never moved it elsewhere. And, no, I have no idea where we are. But I think Benny Dunleavy did it. He’s an idiot and thinks he knows everything.” I said we were elsewhere, that area of unknown that we all knew was in between our world and the world where magic didn’t exist. But I really hoped we had only shifted somewhere else in our own world. I had never heard of anybody bringing anything or anybody back from elsewhere or from the non-magical world.

Sara looked worried. “Do you think we’re really elsewhere?”


I’ll keep y’all posted!

Image by Darwin Laganzon from Pixabay

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