Week 24 of 52. We are almost half way through this year already. Damn. At least the pace of things seems to be picking up. I have been in a weird sort of “I don’t wanna do anything” mood. I’m not sure why. I did switch between writing projects (I have three going at the moment) and made some headway on a couple. I know from experience with academia and research that switching between projects is the best way to make headway on any of them. But for some reason I have it in my head that I must do one at a time. I need to stop (or at least try to stop) being so linear.

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This week’s prompt sent me in a rather silly direction. I kind of like it. Maybe there’s something there. I’ve been a bit off this week. Not sure why. We’re still in a sort of suspended mode, waiting to see what happens on the job front. That makes me reluctant to make any plans, and then the proposed dates come and go, and here I sit. So, I’ve decided or realized, that I have to keep moving forward. Obviously keep writing. I’m not really sure what that stopped. I mean I can write anywhere, so why does that feel suspended? I’m not certain, except it may be a symptom of a mild level of stress.

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Cursebreaker: Ghosts In The Picture

I blanked on sending in a prompt for this week which is Week 22 at More Odds Than Ends, so I went with one of the spares. This one took me back to Cursebreaker. I’ve slowly been putting it together, in between working on short stories and Book #3. The prompt I decided on filled in a couple of holes that I saw and has also triggered some more thoughts about this story. You can find the other prompt-inspired bits of Cursebreaker at the link above. I chose the spare prompt: When they saw the picture, there were several extra people in it. Ghosts…

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Hidden Flowers

This last week went by very quickly. Not sure if it was the travel we did for the Memorial Day weekend or what. At any rate, I spent three days away from the internet and that’s a very good thing. But now I’m back and I present here my prompt response for Week 21 of the More Odds Than Ends weekly challenge. My prompt came from AC Young: “Someone’s been practicing their spells in the woods again. The bluebells are all red.” I thought it would make a good addition to Utindri’s story after she managed to leave her homicidally inclined mother with the huckleberry-hemlock jam.

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We are in Week 20 of More Odds Than Ends prompts. Just like last year, I am being pushed in new and different directions with these prompts. It’s fun and keeps my mind stretching and in a creative mode. This is important for me as I’ve never really considered myself to be all that creative. I have had spurts in the past, but figured that was just sheer dumb luck. But now, with two books (that appear to be well-received) under my belt, I’m thinking that I’m more creative than I’ve given myself credit for. We’ll see.

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Here we are at Week 19 at More Odds Than Ends. A story appears to be working its way into these prompts so I’m rolling with it. I am sort of at loose ends, but not really. I’ve discovered that the same feeling I had when I sent off an article to a journal – well, that’s done, now I can ignore the rest – is occurring when I finish a book or short story. I just sent in my submission for a YA anthology and mentally brushed my hands off and promptly went down rabbit holes of reading for fun, random research that may or may not prove useful later on, and general farting around. So then this prompt shows up and my brain went “Oh! A new story! That’s ever so much fun!” Whatever, brain. Just stop. We have other things to finish first.

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Dragon Fire

This week’s prompt took me in a rather odd direction, but I think it will fit in with a couple of others that appear to be gelling into a new, interesting, albeit slightly dark world. I don’t really want to take the time to follow up on this right now, but who knows…it may shove its way to the front of the line. I am learning that this so-called creative process is really an amalgam of random thoughts, spurred by random things, that evolves into a story. Others have talked about having evil muses, or flighty muses. I’m starting to think I have an ADD muse…look! Shiny squirrel! Ooh! New story!

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Last week was a good week and this week is shaping up pretty nicely as well. Some plans have not matured as expected and some have completely died. But, we’re moving forward and trusting that everything will work out. This weeks’ prompt response speaks to plans, albeit of a different sort. Sometimes plans are created well ahead of time and are full thought out. Other times, plans are created on the fly, and sometimes it’s a fifty-fifty sort of thing. In life I think I’m working the fifty-fifty option. In writing, I’d like to think I’m ahead of the game.

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Once again Leigh Kimmel and I traded prompts for this week’s challenge at More Odds Than Ends. We are at Week 16, where is the year going? Time is flying by and feels even faster with this whole covidiocy thing going on. I will hit my sixth decade very soon. How the HELL did that happen? Where is my life going? My dad used to say, “I don’t feel (whatever age)!” Now I know exactly what he meant and how he felt. I sure as hell don’t feel like I’m 60. I just don’t. So, I guess I’m not. How’s that for age denial? Well, I’m in a new career, so makes sense I should be in a new decade.

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Magic Abroad: A Snippet

For Week 14 at More Odds Than Ends, AC Young gave me the perfect prompt to work in a snippet from Magic Abroad, Book 3 of Academic Magic. The prompt is: A hero who doesn’t consider himself/herself a hero; who is brave and courageous, but doesn’t consider himself/herself to be brave and courageous. It’s perfect for Zoe since she is someone who is indeed brave and courageous but does not consider herself so.

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