New Anthology Out!

I’m excited to announce that Space Cowboys 404: Cow Not Found from the amazing Raconteur Press is out now! I am honored to have my story in here alongside some exceptional authors. Go check it out!

Book Reviews and Stars

Paper star lanterns or lights

As authors we live and die by the Amazon (or Goodreads or whoever) reviews of our books. However, what most people don’t understand is that the review isn’t actually about the book as book, but whether the object you purchased from Amazon (because it doesn’t distinguish books from other purchases in the review system) performed as expected. Here. I’ll let Sarah Hoyt explain it. She does a much better job than I can.


I stared up into the tree.

“How the hell did you get up there?” I didn’t really expect an intelligible answer and indeed, what I got was a brief tail wag and a small whine. The tiny brown puppy shifted and then scrabbled back as his front paws started to slide down the trunk of the big oak.

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A path through a garden leading to a blue door set in a stone wall.

The apartment above the pub was surprisingly spacious and open. The first time she’d seen it, Kyrie had been enchanted with the apartment. It was a large two-bedroom, two-bathroom place that spread the length and width of the pub below. A large balcony ran across the back of the apartment, overlooking the parking lot below, but more importantly, providing an unimpeded view of the ocean. The opportunity to live rent-free practically right on the beach was what made Kyrie decide to leave her app-creation job in Silicon Valley and move to the small central California coast town where her parents had retired.

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Kyrie pulled the bottle out of the little wine fridge behind the bar. It was the last of the case she’d bought on her celebration trip to Napa a few years ago. Smiling, she thought back to that trip. She’d just gotten the job offer from AppWare with its amazing (for her) salary and benefits. This was what she had dreamed of since discovering her talent for writing apps that people loved and used. Her best friend, Kenzie, had gotten an offer as well from her dream company, and so the two of them had splurged and headed up to Napa for a weekend of spa time and wine tasting. Kyrie had indulged even further and purchased a case of wine from one of the fancier wineries in the valley. She’d been waiting for a special occasion to open the last bottle and figured this was it.

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