Week 9 for 2021 prompts

Once again, I am astonished at how fast time flies. We are already at Week 9 for the MOTE prompts. My FB memories feed is filled with comments and stories about spring break. No more spring breaks seems strange. But, I like it. I am a bit scattered, and it’s been something of a challenge to organize myself according to an internal rather than an external schedule. It’s a bit of an adventure. Will this work? No? Okay, try this. But! The prompts continue. I will use that to begin my self-scheduling.

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Short Story Out!

I have a short story out now on Amazon! Inside Out & Upside Down is something that popped into my head a while back. I think it will become a series, and while this story has no fantasy elements in it, the series will have them. I’m not quite sure where this is going yet, and it’s going on the backburner for now until I get Book 2 out. But for now, I hope you enjoy it!

Moonbeams on the tide

I didn’t manage to send in a prompt on time this week for the More Odds Than Ends challenge. So I ended up borrowing the one that ‘nother Mike created and which was given to Fiona. This ended up being a snippet for Book 3 in my Academic Magic series and gave me an excuse to revisit Lahinch, County Clare, Ireland. It’s a picturesque little town on the Atlantic Ocean at edge of County Clare. It’s got a world-renowned links golf course, and tasty waves.

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Dragon Invasion

The Week 7 of the More Odds Than Ends prompt challenge brought me back to a prompt from late last year. I have always liked straight up swords and sorcery fantasy. You know, the kind that feels medieval but with real dragons and magic. These two prompts have joined together in my head and appear to be forming the basis of a short story at least. I will have to take some time and follow this thread to see where it leads.

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Prompt: Trees

It’s been a week of snow and ice storms, which makes perfect weather for writing. For Week Six of Odd Prompts I got this one from Fiona Grey: “…plenty of swimming trees in the lake, as you can see,” the realtor said with a sweep of her hand toward the picture window. “They don’t bother anyone, but prefer to be left alone. Now, the kitchen is a real treasure…” The prompt brought to mind the level of blasé some realtors can call up when dealing with features in a house that make most of us go, huh? I have a few friends who are real estate agents and I could actually visualize them waving off swimming trees and just a fun quirk of the property.

But what if it was a defense mechanism by the house?

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Week 5 prompt: Memories

This week’s prompt challenge came from Leigh Kimmel. Leigh’s prompts always make me think. This time, I figured out a way to return to my world of Academic Magic. I think this may be a part of Book #3, or it may be part of a short story. Not sure yet. The prompt was: While visiting a distant city, you make a wrong turn and discover a store or restaurant you remember fondly from childhood. Although you know the company went out of business years ago, the lights are on and there are people inside, just like you remember… As I started thinking about it, the picture in my head became Shop Street in Galway, Ireland. I’ve spent a lot of time there. Yes, it’s a touristy area now, but there is a charm to it that I just love.

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Some things shouldn’t be mixed

And here we are at Week 4 of More Odds Than Ends prompts. One month down, eleven to go! I am really hoping that this year goes much better than last year. Really. But, as I’ve said before, one of the things that keeps me sane and feeling productive are these prompts. This week my prompt came from Cedar Sanderson: ripped from the headlines: “Oklahoma police found their vehicle contained a rattlesnake, a canister of uranium, an open bottle of whiskey and a firearm” Why…? This was one of those prompts that made me go Hmmm…ooookay. What do I do with this? After a bit of noodling around, I came up with this.

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Week 3 Prompt

I am trying to become more organized and effective in my time management. To that end, I am now designating certain days for certain writing ideas. Since I decided to start doing book reviews, Tuesdays will be for those. I decided to move the prompt response to Mondays so that I’m not totally procrastinating there. I’m thinking I will do other types of posts on a M-W-F basis, but I’ll see how that goes. All of this is subject to change, of course. But, experience suggests that if I have specific days for specific tasks, I will get them done on a regular basis. None of the precludes posts on other topics on those days. What it means is that there will be at least something here on a regular basis.

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Heading into 2021 with more prompts, specifically Week 2 of 2021’s More Odds Than Ends writing prompts. Off we go again! January marks the start of my first full calendar year of being “retired.” I know that this will be a year of adventures for us and I’m looking forward to them. I’m also looking forward to getting out more books and stories along with blog posts and other projects. Last year’s prompts resulted in a series of scenes that will turn into a book. Hopefully, something similar will come from this year’s challenges.

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