1968 All Over Again?

The 2024 Democratic Convention will be held in Chicago in August. And it’s shaping up to be a doozy of a show. Everyone on the left – media, DNC, governors, House reps, Senators – have been sounding the “please don’t run” horn to Biden. The only people not joining in the newly arising chorus are the White House staff and Biden aides. Oh, and Everybody-Must-Call-Me-DOCTOR Jill, of course. (I have a Ph.D., and yes, I told my students that they would be calling me Dr. Jones or Prof. Jones. I most emphatically did not tell the rest of the world to call me that. That’s a level of insecurity even I don’t possess.)

The 1968 Democratic convention included riots, fires, the Chicago Seven, more riots, a sitting president (LBJ) who announced he would not seek re-election, and a final ticket of Hubert Humphrey and Edmund Muskie. A bit chaotic to say the least.

Before you ask, yes, I am going to watch at least some of the convention. I’m really curious to see what happens and how or whether the Democrats get rid of Biden. It’s very possible that those who stand to lose a lot will fight tooth and nail against Biden’s retirement **cough** Jill and Hunter **cough**. The man himself may be visibly and rapidly failing, but they’ve gotta keep their phony-baloney jobs, doncha know!

There have been a bunch of names floated as to who would replace Biden if he were to back out of the race. Michelle Obama has come up a few times, but she has said she does not want to run and won’t run. And, much as I dislike her, I believe she’s being honest. She spent eight years in the White House. She saw what it did to her husband and what others said about him and her. She doesn’t do well with criticism (no, she really doesn’t, just go look at the transcripts of her speeches and remarks). I believe Michelle is out of the running.

Another name tossed out as an “obvious” choice is Gavin “I Use Gallons of Hair Gel” Newsom. Newsom has made it clear that he has his sights firmly set on the White House. However, Newsom brings with him a lot of very heavy baggage. He’s like those folks you see in the international arrivals area of airports, you know the ones. They’ve got a family of three or four and they’re pushing three of those luggage carts, each piled high with the largest suitcases money can buy. That’s Newsom and his baggage.

Economically, California has been in a steep and rapid decline for the entirety of his governorship. There are more people leaving California than entering. U-Haul tracks the migration of people around the country and it’s expensive and difficult to get a U-Haul truck for a one-way trip out of California. According to Forbes, California has the third highest cost of living after Hawaii (1) and Massachusetts (2). People elsewhere in the U.S. see that, along with the damaging social policies Newsom has championed (boys on girls sports teams, shared bathrooms, massive illegal immigration), and know they don’t want that for the rest of the country. Oh, but the biggest problem Newsom has that threatens to tear Democrats apart if he’s the appointed candidate – he’s a straight, white male. Persona non grata right there.

Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan was another name bandied about. She is the national co-chair of the Biden campaign. Whitmer has tried to shoot down speculation about her becoming the Democrat nominee, but I think it remains to be seen. Like Newsom, she is very ambitious and also a strong proponent of hyper-progressive social policies.

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker is another one. But, again, rich, straight, white male is his biggest downfall for the uber-progressive wing of the Democrats (and yes, I believe them when they say they will rain fire down on the party if it nominates a straight white male). Plus, Pritzker isn’t that well known nationally so he would have a hard time catching up in that arena.

Finally, there’s Vice-President Kamala Harris. A woman who couldn’t keep her campaign afloat past Labor Day 2019 when she ran for president, yet who was picked as Biden’s running mate. Gee, I wonder why they picked her? Hmmmm… think, think, think… This is the woman who slept with Willie Brown, the powerful leader of the California Assembly, who in turn helped get her elected as first San Francisco DA when he was mayor, and later California AG. Coincidentally, Newsom was elected mayor of San Franciso succeeding Brown, when Harris became the DA. Brown has said that Harris is dumb as a box of rocks (paraphrasing… he said she was stupid. He did say it during her failed presidential campaign. As I’m fond of saying… go look it up.) And if you watch videos of her interviews, or anytime she’s speaking without a script, it becomes clear that this is not an intelligent woman. (And, no, you don’t have to be intelligent to get through law school. It helps, but it’s not mandatory. You have to be able to think in a certain way and be insanely detail oriented. Intelligence allows good lawyers to think outside the box and they become the successful ones.)

BUT, and here’s the big BUT… Harris is a woman of color. Thus she is the perfect candidate for the fanatical far left wing of the Democratic party. And likely the one to become the candidate should the Democrats actually get Jill Biden and Hunter Biden to agree to Joe dropping out of the campaign. The convention is going to be a fight between those who want to “save” the Democratic party and run somebody other than Biden, and those who are afraid of what will happen to their lives and side-gig income streams if they can’t keep Biden in the White House for another four years and enjoy the grift they’ve created from that position.

In the end… oh, hell yeah, I’m gonna watch the Democratic Convention. This is going to be better than Survivor meets Real Housewives of New Jersey meets The Bachelor. With riots. In Chicago. What’s not to love?

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13 Replies to “1968 All Over Again?”

  1. This:

    (And, no, you don’t have to be intelligent to get through law school. It helps, but it’s not mandatory. You have to be able to think in a certain way and be insanely detail oriented. Intelligence allows good lawyers to think outside the box and they become the successful ones.)

    Perfection. I love your writing

  2. I told my students that they would be calling me Dr. Jones or Prof. Jones.
    But we can call you Indiana Ornery, right?

    Michelle Obama … has said she does not want to run and won’t run.
    Aside from the things you mention, she seems inherently lazy, and wouldn’t want to do the hard work required of a campaign or the Presidency. Of course, then there’s Biden’s Basement Campaign….

    he’s a straight, white male.
    Newsom is power-grabbing and grotesque enough to publicly demonstrate otherwise on one of those. IMO.

    Harris is dumb as a box of rocks
    But she doesn’t appear senile, too. And she has a big smile (which Biden doesn’t – when he’s not open-mouth staring, he’s scowling). So all the people who are simply voting for the cabal to be in charge will feel safe voting for her.
    Where the concern will be is whether she can generate any enthusiasm. Because turnout of the faithful is the only way Dems will get within the margin of fraud this year. I hope.

  3. JB (Jelly Belly) Pritzker, in addition to your fine list, is Jewish which will alienate the Hamas wing even if he supports them. Also, he has a prominent ‘sister’ who used to be a guy and unfortunately looks like him, and nobody wants to see that.

    1. Jennifer Pritzker, a transgender woman, is JB’s first cousin, not his sister. In fact, his sister is Penny Pritzker, former US Secretary of Commerce in the Obama administration from 2013 to 2017.

  4. I think they could persuade Michelle to run and (hopefully not) win – then step down soon after the inaugeration for “health reasons” or some other nonsense. Doctors covered for Biden’s condition, they could easily find one to fabricate one for her. I hope they don’t do this but it might work.

  5. Other parallels to 1968: A Kennedy running against the incumbent, mobs of young activists planning to protest in Chicago

  6. Another advantage to Kamala is she can use the campaign funding they’ve built up. ~$230 million

    As I understand it, that can’t be used for any of the other candidates, they’d have to raise additional money from their donor base. Would those donors be willing to cough up again for anyone else as a reasonable cost of dumping Kamala as well as Joe?

  7. Rumint has it that the power brokers are positioned the queen of corruption herself Hillary with Harris as a veep the dual female ticket. Look at all the movement behind the scene, for example the interview with george and joe, before George was a “reporter for ABC, he was a hack for the Clintons, that interview did joe no favors. Also all the recent stuff hitting the paper about Kamala is designed to make her look unflattering, and Hillary new book coming out…I can see her tainted tiara tossed in the ring in Chicago.

  8. Great piece. I would also add that only Harris can access the $200M sitting in the Biden/Harris campaign account. Everyone else would have to fund raise from scratch.

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