That Magic Combination

Packing and moving is, as everybody knows, stressful. I’ve been dealing with that rather than writing and it’s frustrating. I want to write, but then I feel guilty and stressed if I’m not packing. And when I’m packing I feel stressed that I’m not writing. It’s a lovely, vicious circle. The moving truck will be here the week after Thanksgiving. And while we are 95% complete with the packing, I’m still anxious and stressing.

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House Dragons

It’s been busy, busy around here. Packing up the house, trying to write and work in between; husband has strained his back and we both have colds. We’re quite a pair. Hectic and a bit stressful. I really wish I could be Samantha in Bewitched and just wiggle my nose and have everything take care of itself. I don’t put moving into the category of “do it yourself and get a sense of accomplishment.” No, I just have a sense of tiredness…

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Arcane Veterinary Care

I missed my prompt for last week and didn’t get one sent in on time so I’ve picked up one of the spares this week. It’s was an interesting week and I will have more information to share in a few days. It’s exciting and good, but stressful as well and my writing has suffered (well, it’s disappeared) because of that stress. But, I think I have a handle on things now, and I’m back to writing.

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The debate over putting pineapple on pizza has been blamed for starting online flame wars, ending friendships, destroying marriages, and all sorts of other general mayhem. Full confession here: I like pineapple on pizza. There. I said it. I like it. I also like a number of other toppings, but I’m generally old school in my first choice. Pepperoni and mushrooms is my usual go-to for toppings. Bell peppers and onions are absolute no-gos for me. So, what happens when you open the pizza box to find something completely unexpected and absolutely unknown?

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Beware the Pixies

We’re coming into fall. Although by the weather around here, you wouldn’t know it. But, it’s mid-September, autumn is only a couple of days away. But the prompts keep coming and I’m still writing. It’s all good. This week, my prompt for More Odds Than Ends came from AC Young: I’ve never believed the old stories about what was in the woods. This evening I went exploring. I sort of modified it, but kept the spirit of it.

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So, in the last week we’ve been through Hurricane Ida (nothing like what NOLA and other parts of Louisiana got, thank God). We had I-676 flood, and people have done backflips into the water, gone kayaking on the highway, and generally gawked at everything. I’ve seen a heron hunting on the train tracks, and a dumpster floating in the river. Bit of a crazy week for sure. I’m starting to get some interesting ideas for stories from all the images.

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