Hidden Heritage

This week I managed to get this prompt in on time. Yay! Still fighting through a bit of either block, or frustration, or aimlessness, or something. But the prompts keep me going in a writing direction at least. So, this is Week 30 of MOTE and my prompt came from ‘nother Mike: No one understood how it got there, but the MRI showed that the pain in your back was really a ….

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Late prompt: Silver Feather

I’ve been distracted procrastinating, whatever, last week and this week. Not writing. I didn’t get last week’s prompt done on time so I’m doing both today. This is the prompt for Week 29 of the Odd Prompts. My prompt came from Leigh Kimmel who gave me: The mysterious stranger’s calling card is a single silver feather. I started on it last week, but never finished. It struck me that this prompt would make a good start for a second adventure for my cursebreaker Jack.

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Planet Found

The middle of July, middle of the year, it’s Week 28 of prompts at More Odds Than Ends. This year is not going as planned, so I’m no longer planning and simply going with the flow. No, it’s not a cop-out, it’s more of a recognition that the universe has its own plans for us and my life will be less stressful if I do what I need to do, quit worrying about the “what-ifs”. While I do remind the universe of my wishes, I am grateful to be doing what I’m doing right now.

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Friendly City

For Week 27 at More Odds Than Ends, My prompt came from Leigh Kimmel: On a distant world is a single city with people remarkably human, and astonishingly friendly. Yet when asked about their society and history, they give evasive answers. Anthropologists attempting an ethnographic study came to mind and with that I thought of Jake and Serena, the anthropologist and archaeologist couple who have started to occasionally wander through my head.

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Advice and Riddles

Now we are halfway through 2021. Week 26 of Odd Prompts. and things are rolling along. I don’t want to jinx anything, so I’m not saying anything specific. Get thee behind me, Murphy! I have been writing along on Book #3 and I’m happy about that. These prompts are keeping my creativity stoked and I’m grateful to all the participants at More Odds Than Ends. They have kept me creative and mostly sane this last year plus. On the real life social side (just as important), husband and I had a lovely afternoon/evening with friends yesterday for Independence Day. Lots of good food, good company, swimming, bocce ball, and conversations. Great day. Back to the writing and creating today.

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I think these prompts are keeping me sane in the creative arena. Here we are in Week 25 at More Odds Than Ends and I’m still going. I am trying to pry myself out of this weird waiting game that I seem to be engaged in. Today, the plan is to just dive into the writing. If I get tired or stuck with one project, I’ll get up, walk around (inside. It’s disgustingly hot and muggy outside today), and then move to another project. I have three that are front and center, and at least two or three more clamoring for attention.

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The Beach Fixes Everything

So many things going on right now. Writing is not one of them. At least not one that is coming easily. I’m switching between projects, keeping up with prompts, reading, reading for research purposes, and yet… and yet. I know when I get lost in reading for fun (even if I tell myself that I’m looking at story structure, character arc, etc. etc.) I am avoiding something. So, I’m trying to figure out what exactly I’m avoiding. I’m not under any pressure to finish a project by an externally imposed deadline, I’m not dealing with crap I’d really rather not deal with. So, what’s the problem?

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Week 24 of 52. We are almost half way through this year already. Damn. At least the pace of things seems to be picking up. I have been in a weird sort of “I don’t wanna do anything” mood. I’m not sure why. I did switch between writing projects (I have three going at the moment) and made some headway on a couple. I know from experience with academia and research that switching between projects is the best way to make headway on any of them. But for some reason I have it in my head that I must do one at a time. I need to stop (or at least try to stop) being so linear.

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This week’s prompt sent me in a rather silly direction. I kind of like it. Maybe there’s something there. I’ve been a bit off this week. Not sure why. We’re still in a sort of suspended mode, waiting to see what happens on the job front. That makes me reluctant to make any plans, and then the proposed dates come and go, and here I sit. So, I’ve decided or realized, that I have to keep moving forward. Obviously keep writing. I’m not really sure what that stopped. I mean I can write anywhere, so why does that feel suspended? I’m not certain, except it may be a symptom of a mild level of stress.

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Cursebreaker: Ghosts In The Picture

I blanked on sending in a prompt for this week which is Week 22 at More Odds Than Ends, so I went with one of the spares. This one took me back to Cursebreaker. I’ve slowly been putting it together, in between working on short stories and Book #3. The prompt I decided on filled in a couple of holes that I saw and has also triggered some more thoughts about this story. You can find the other prompt-inspired bits of Cursebreaker at the link above. I chose the spare prompt: When they saw the picture, there were several extra people in it. Ghosts…

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