Dragon Fire

This week’s prompt took me in a rather odd direction, but I think it will fit in with a couple of others that appear to be gelling into a new, interesting, albeit slightly dark world. I don’t really want to take the time to follow up on this right now, but who knows…it may shove its way to the front of the line. I am learning that this so-called creative process is really an amalgam of random thoughts, spurred by random things, that evolves into a story. Others have talked about having evil muses, or flighty muses. I’m starting to think I have an ADD muse…look! Shiny squirrel! Ooh! New story!

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Last week was a good week and this week is shaping up pretty nicely as well. Some plans have not matured as expected and some have completely died. But, we’re moving forward and trusting that everything will work out. This weeks’ prompt response speaks to plans, albeit of a different sort. Sometimes plans are created well ahead of time and are full thought out. Other times, plans are created on the fly, and sometimes it’s a fifty-fifty sort of thing. In life I think I’m working the fifty-fifty option. In writing, I’d like to think I’m ahead of the game.

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Once again Leigh Kimmel and I traded prompts for this week’s challenge at More Odds Than Ends. We are at Week 16, where is the year going? Time is flying by and feels even faster with this whole covidiocy thing going on. I will hit my sixth decade very soon. How the HELL did that happen? Where is my life going? My dad used to say, “I don’t feel (whatever age)!” Now I know exactly what he meant and how he felt. I sure as hell don’t feel like I’m 60. I just don’t. So, I guess I’m not. How’s that for age denial? Well, I’m in a new career, so makes sense I should be in a new decade.

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Magic Abroad: A Snippet

For Week 14 at More Odds Than Ends, AC Young gave me the perfect prompt to work in a snippet from Magic Abroad, Book 3 of Academic Magic. The prompt is: A hero who doesn’t consider himself/herself a hero; who is brave and courageous, but doesn’t consider himself/herself to be brave and courageous. It’s perfect for Zoe since she is someone who is indeed brave and courageous but does not consider herself so.

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Gardens and Shells

This week is dedicated to organizing myself and making sure I don’t fall down on any commitments. I realized I have a lot of things coming up, and a lot of due dates. On top of that, I need to quit procrastinating and get Book 2 out! So on that note, the Monday blog post is going to be the weekly prompt from More Odds Than Ends. For Week 13, Fiona Grey and I traded prompts. Hers to me was “I have a lot of work travel coming up and wanted shells in place.”

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Flying Rabbits

The weekly prompt challenge has had an unexpected and beneficial side-effect for me. In addition to getting me to write at least something, and to stretch my creative muscles, it has forced me to become somewhat organized. I try to answer the prompt challenge on Monday even though it’s not due until Tuesday. I spent twenty years of my life explaining to students why they shouldn’t start a project the day it’s due. The least I can do is follow my own damn advice! Now, I just have to make sure I can organize the rest of my week as effectively. But, I am pretty happy with getting Mondays organized!

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Week 9 for 2021 prompts

Once again, I am astonished at how fast time flies. We are already at Week 9 for the MOTE prompts. My FB memories feed is filled with comments and stories about spring break. No more spring breaks seems strange. But, I like it. I am a bit scattered, and it’s been something of a challenge to organize myself according to an internal rather than an external schedule. It’s a bit of an adventure. Will this work? No? Okay, try this. But! The prompts continue. I will use that to begin my self-scheduling.

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Moonbeams on the tide

I didn’t manage to send in a prompt on time this week for the More Odds Than Ends challenge. So I ended up borrowing the one that ‘nother Mike created and which was given to Fiona. This ended up being a snippet for Book 3 in my Academic Magic series and gave me an excuse to revisit Lahinch, County Clare, Ireland. It’s a picturesque little town on the Atlantic Ocean at edge of County Clare. It’s got a world-renowned links golf course, and tasty waves.

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Dragon Invasion

The Week 7 of the More Odds Than Ends prompt challenge brought me back to a prompt from late last year. I have always liked straight up swords and sorcery fantasy. You know, the kind that feels medieval but with real dragons and magic. These two prompts have joined together in my head and appear to be forming the basis of a short story at least. I will have to take some time and follow this thread to see where it leads.

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Prompt: Trees

It’s been a week of snow and ice storms, which makes perfect weather for writing. For Week Six of Odd Prompts I got this one from Fiona Grey: “…plenty of swimming trees in the lake, as you can see,” the realtor said with a sweep of her hand toward the picture window. “They don’t bother anyone, but prefer to be left alone. Now, the kitchen is a real treasure…” The prompt brought to mind the level of blasé some realtors can call up when dealing with features in a house that make most of us go, huh? I have a few friends who are real estate agents and I could actually visualize them waving off swimming trees and just a fun quirk of the property.

But what if it was a defense mechanism by the house?

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