The debate over putting pineapple on pizza has been blamed for starting online flame wars, ending friendships, destroying marriages, and all sorts of other general mayhem. Full confession here: I like pineapple on pizza. There. I said it. I like it. I also like a number of other toppings, but I’m generally old school in my first choice. Pepperoni and mushrooms is my usual go-to for toppings. Bell peppers and onions are absolute no-gos for me. So, what happens when you open the pizza box to find something completely unexpected and absolutely unknown?

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Beware the Pixies

We’re coming into fall. Although by the weather around here, you wouldn’t know it. But, it’s mid-September, autumn is only a couple of days away. But the prompts keep coming and I’m still writing. It’s all good. This week, my prompt for More Odds Than Ends came from AC Young: I’ve never believed the old stories about what was in the woods. This evening I went exploring. I sort of modified it, but kept the spirit of it.

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So, in the last week we’ve been through Hurricane Ida (nothing like what NOLA and other parts of Louisiana got, thank God). We had I-676 flood, and people have done backflips into the water, gone kayaking on the highway, and generally gawked at everything. I’ve seen a heron hunting on the train tracks, and a dumpster floating in the river. Bit of a crazy week for sure. I’m starting to get some interesting ideas for stories from all the images.

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Summer wanes and autumn approaches. Not that you’d know it with the heat we’re having. But the days are getting shorter, even if it’s still a sauna out there. Henri the storm is moving through as well but hasn’t hit as hard here, fortunately. Today was the second year in a row that I haven’t been on campus for the start of the school year. A few years ago, I thought that I’d miss it a great deal. In reality, I don’t. I’ve made the right decision.

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Camera Oddities

Mid-August…where is the summer going? And here we are in Week 32 of More Odds Than Ends prompts. I’m still feeling like I’m in some sort of weird stasis, but I think I’ve finally broken out of my writing slump. Sitting here next to a cat who’s simultaneously purring and snoring (interesting combo), I came to the realization that while I enjoy this type of writing (creative) far more than I ever enjoyed writing any of my research, my writing process is pretty much the same.

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Who’s Driving?

And August begins…as summer wanes. Even though this year has been more open and active than last year, I’m still not certain where it’s all gone. But the prompts go on and I am grateful for them as they keep me writing. I think I’ve figured out a writing schedule that I’ll keep to and that will keep me productive. If I’m going to do this writing and author thing for a living, productivity is crucial.

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